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German shepherd VS. Malinois in versatility ?

German shepherd VS. Malinois in versatility; which Is versatile?

Thinking of owning Mal within the next two to three years. I don't have much knowledge on the Mal, but that's why I'm not getting a Mal for at least two years.

I'd just like to get basic information on the Mal.

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    Well...let me admit to being a bit prejudiced when it comes to the Malinois since I have owned them and worked them for 32 plus years. I am not sure what you are looking for, but, if its work, there is not a finer, better, more versatile working dog on the planet.

    All I will say is this, if you are looking for the most intense working dog you ever owned, if you are looking for a dog that will work 23 hours a day and ask for more, if you want a dog that you "can ride the river" with, you cannot do any better then a properly bred Malinois out of correct lines. Hope I helped.

    ADD: Ignore Cookie the nut and forget pure bred and registered...most of those dogs are simply show dogs that cannot perform in any venue a REAL Malinois would be engaged in. If you want to see breeders, let me know when you are ready, I can show you several in Europe that I deal with.

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      You can have a GSD be ordered to attack someone, and 2 seconds later be pet by 5 year olds, followed by herding sheep (not killing sheep!) directly after being paraded by little kids. I would NEVER have that much trust with a Malinois.

  • Lisa
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    8 years ago

    Mals are known for being great workers, but you need to do your research and find a good stable working line. They tend towards shy-sharp and can be quite reactive on top of being highly energetic and driven. I've known a few Malinois and while the good ones are versatile, they are not a breed for beginners.

    GSD are a good solid dog, with high versatility ... but again, research and try to access a good reliable line. If you want a working dog, it's best to get a pup from working parents.

    Mals have the same basic health issues as the GSD, ie hip and elbow displaysia, but to a lesser degree. Make sure you check for this as well.

    I'd suggest contacting a breed club for both breeds and going along to various events to see how you like the animals. You'll get a sense of the energy and temperament and the type of things you want in your own dogs, and you'll be able to make contacts that will help you find a pup when the time comes.

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    Versatility wise? Although both of these breeds are extremely versatile, I would have to say the Malinois is even more so. Malinois are probably, hands down the most Versatile dog when it comes to working ability, but it is not a breed for everyone.

    I don't know anything about you, but I probably wouldn't recommend this breed if your a novice dog owner and if you don't have a crap load of time. If you just want a dog for pet, the Malinois is most likely not for you, this dog needs to work and work hard. Malinois have the desire not to quit, to continue whatever they are doing until the end (finish the job), this is what makes this breed such and amazing dog to work with and what gives it so much endurance.Mali's basically need loads of physical and mental stimulation to keep from being destructive, they're amazing dogs, when in the right hands...

    Hope you do a lot of research about this breed ( reading you question, it looks like so.)

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    The Belgian Malinois is my breed. They are a LOT of dog in terms of temperament, needs, and presence. I have friends who have had working Border Collies for years who insist that their Mals are more intense and higher maintenance. IF you are willing and capable to focus that much energy and potential, they are wonderful dogs - you are looking at a real-life Rin Tin Tin . If not, then you are looking at a 3-year-old member of Mensa with ADHD and power tools living in your house.

    I have done obedience, agility, jr. showmanship, tracking, skijoring, draft work, a little mock-SAR and herding with my Belgians. You can also do all of those things with a GSD, however, GSDs tend to be larger dogs and, if you are not getting one from working lines, less intense. I like the fact that I (not a large person) can physically pick up my dog and that he handily fits under a chair or even in my lap. A smaller female Mal may be just over 40 lbs and so they are more of a "medium" than a large breed.

    Learn more about the breed here:

    Good luck with your decision - if you find that they are right for you, I encourage you to look into the many Mals in rescue. Most end up there because they are too smart, too driven, and have too much energy (i.e. because they are good working/competition prospects). I have been very pleased and done very well with my rescued Mals in dog sports.

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    8 years ago

    The GSD and the Malinois are VERY different workers. The Malinois is the one people who do French Ring sport use. In this sport the dog has to think for himself on some exercises unlike Schutzhund where it is all done on command. I really like the Malinois and have always said, if I could only have ONE dog - it would be the Malinois. But I won't have one without having all the time in the world to devote to it and do the breed justice. They are not an easy dog to own but WOW! I do love them! Unfortunately, or fortunately, I know I cannot handle one right now.

    Source(s): 30+ years breeding, training and competing with dogs of various breeds.
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The GSD is more versatile. Having a hyperactive dog isn't always ideal. The GSD could quad as an attack dog, therapy dog, herd, and do excellent with children all in 1 package. With that said being overly jacked with drive isn't always an advantage.

    I've heard of police officers needing to leave their Malinois in a kennel or garage overnight because it can't control itself in a home environment. GSDs double at both.

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    a mal is a lot of dog, energy and drive- wise. what do you plan on doing with the dog?

    both GSD and Mal are versatile, but they're strong, active drivey herding dogs that need a lot of work to keep them happy.

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