Does Obama and the media realize that majority of Americans and Israelis want a war with Iran?

Americans want a war with Iran, especially the Jewish American population. As does the Israelis want a war. We are risking too much by not taking action. I speak on the behalf of Americans and Jews that we want a war with Iran. We must prevent Iran from getting weapons, we need to protect ourselves and our allies.
Update: Obama doesnt have a clue on what the Jewish people want, and presidential candidate Ron Paul is an anti-Semite he has a history of voting against Israel for over 30 years.
Update 2: @ed we need to cut welfare completely, and cut disablity services completely, make cuts in the repair of roads and basic services. Have the military run the department of education as well that is a good idea as well.
Update 3: @ed narrens Americans need to fight in this war too. I might join the IDF and become a advisor for the IDF. Americans who refuse to fight should be reported on by homeland security and be also be reported by the ADL.
Update 4: @ed he was fired because he was a disgrace to the IDF. He is not about the safety and security of the Israeli people.
Update 5: @extra your comments prove that your a vile anti-Semite.
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