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is getting rid of my dog mean?

i love my dog to death and he loves me to but he would rather go to a stranger than me.. my dad said we could get a golden retriever if we got rid of him. plus my dog is small and im not good with small dog plus my little brother love diesel but hes really ruff with him. should i get a fammily dog instead of just keeping mine. plus i would give himm a great family

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    Best answer get rid of one dog so you can just get another is mean. My ex sister-in-law used to do that to her family all the time. she would get dogs and cats and after a while she would get rid of them to get puppies or kittens. That is one of the reasons she is an ex family member!

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    I think it would be harder for the dog than you. You might feel like it would rather be with a stranger but, it really loves you. My puppy ignores me a lot during the day. She just wants to play or do her own thing. And sometimes I hate her but shes so sweet and shes only 8 lbs too. She's a family dog, your brother may be rough with it but they might be playing. I always yell at my sister for playing to rough. Plus if you get a bigger dog it might get angry when your brothers playing with it and bite him. The longer you keep the dog the more you will grow to love it. Keep the dog, it is SOOO MEAN to get rid of it. Just do what's best for the dog.. Hope I helped!(:

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    Dogs are not phones or computers or inanimate objects. They are living, breathing beings that have feelings. You can't just get rid of them when you want to upgrade to the newer model. Is it mean to get rid of your dog? Absolutely. Your dog would not "rather go to a stranger" Imagine how that would be for him. He would be scared and lonely. Just because he runs up to every stranger when you're in public doesn't mean he wants to live with them. It means he is happy enough in the relationship you and him have that he feels confident seeing out affection from others. He's saying "Okay, I know Mom is right here so I'm going to go see this other person but I know that Mom is going to come right with me and it's going to be all good." You're probably better with small dogs than you think you are. Unless you are stepping on him or something like that, you can't be bad with small dogs and better with larger dogs. You probably are just more comfortable with larger dogs or like larger dogs better. That is such a nitpicking excuse of a reason to get rid of a dog. As for your brother, you and your dad need to teach him how to behave around dogs. When he's a bit rough with the dog, tell him "no, this is how you pet a dog" and guide him through it. Just like dogs aren't programmed on how to behave with humans, children aren't programmed on how to behave with dogs.

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    Morally getting rid of a dog just so you can get a better one IS 'mean'.

    But, if the dog is being treated by your little brother, and if you aren't so sure you really want him, maybe he would be better off in a better home. Having a dog you don't really want isn't only bad for you, but for the dog. It deserves a home where it is well loved by everyone.

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    its fine if its for the right reason and trust it will hert you very badly to get rid of him were i work we had a small cooker tzu to get a new home for and i don`t care for ether breed but i love this dog so much and my boss asked me if i would take him but my cat would freak so i had to say no but he got a great home and i got to see him in dec and it hert more saying good bye the secened time so just think about that

    but i hope you know that im judging you for thinking about giving him up

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    not unless you get another dog

    rehome and stay away from dogs and no

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