Why do I KEEP GETTING cold sores?

I keep getting cold sores. It's starting to get really bad. I have had them for as long as I can remember, but they have never been this bad. I would get a cold sore on average every six months. About three months ago - which was when I was fired from my job - I got a cold sore. I understood why I got it; it was because I was stressed from losing my job. Then, three weeks after, I got another cold sore. I didn't know why this time, but it didn't seem like a big deal. I started taking vitamin C, zinc, b-12, and a multivitamin every single morning, and more vitamin C at night because I'm around smoking people all the time. That cold sore went away, and two weeks later I got another one. Then, just when it went away, three popped up. Two on my bottom left lip, and one on my top right lip. They are just now going away, I still have the scab from one of them on my bottom lip. This morning I woke up, and I've got yet another one on my bottom lip forming.

I have an appointment with the doctor for the 1st of February, because that's when my insurance kicks in. He's already told me to wait for the insurance because the medicine he is going to give me is $200, and I can't afford that out of my own pocket.

I just don't understand why I keep getting them! I am perfectly happy, not really stressed at all. I am enrolled to start college soon, and I am super excited about that, I have a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend, and my parents are great. Everything is fine.

So, can anyone explain to me why I keep getting them? They have never been this bad before, and I can't figure out why it's so bad!

Also, I have already taken all the precautions to keep from getting a cold sore. I change all my bedsheets and pillow cases after an outbreak, I wash it every two hours, I've used an ice cube and then put alcohol on it every two hours, I don't touch my lip and when I do I make sure to wash my hands. I've done everything I could find on the internet. I did find that lysine is supposed to help, so I am about to go pick some up. NOTHING IS WORKING! I know that once I get the medicine from my doctor it should help, but I don't want to wait that long. They are getting extremely painful and large. It's starting to really get annoying.

Any help would be appreciated, but just so that people answer the question I want answered, I will put it here:

I would like to know the reason why I keep getting cold sores.



I have tried the ice cube thing. It helped make the cold sore go away, but not in two days. Basically, it takes the same exact time to get rid of it, it just doesn't hurt as bad, and is less noticeable. I really don't care about tricks that make them go away because none of them really work. I'm actually more focused on how I am getting them in the first place. I am still going to go to the doctor when I get my insurance because I am just sick and tired of these things and I would spend any amount of money to just get rid of them. I bought some l-lysine, as I said before, and I am taking my first one with dinner tonight. I will be taking them regularly from now on. Hopefully that will work. Thanks everyone for the advice and the thoughts, but I think this one is going to go to The mom. She really made me think, and I think that she is right. I am a little stressed with all the things I'm having to do to get ready for college, and how I'm going to pay for it. =/ Agai

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    Some people's bodies are better at suppressing the virus that causes cold sores than others are. As you noticed, stress can certainly trigger a breakout. And although you may not feel particularly stressed, it doesn't necessarily mean your body feels that way. You are on the brink of a major life change- starting college. You are having to wait to see the doctor and get the medicine, and I'm sure you are not that thrilled with the look of those sores either. And all of those things are enough in and of themselves to keep the breakout going. Fact is though, some folks just have problems with continual breakouts, which is why the medicine was developed to help. It is possible that once you get on it for a while, and your life evens out, college classes start, etc- your body will be better able to keep the virus in check. I know it's frustrating, and I'm sorry you have the trouble and have to wait for the help. But you are not alone, there are a lot of other folks who suffer the same way. Thank goodness for the medicine, huh?

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    I Got A Cold Sore

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    Bacitine & Nail-Polish-Remover:

    Heres the Trick to healing a coldsore over night. Works for me every time. That one time I forget to brush my teeth before bed, I wake up with a flaming sensation and a small bump. It literary makes me miserable. I've tried EVERYTHING. As soon as you feel that tingly feeling and sore sensation or even see the little bump developing. Take a q-tip soak the tip with Nail polish remover (Yes!Nail polish remover) It doesnt sound healthy at all I know. But as long as you Do Not ingest it, it wont harm you. Your lip will dry out slowly & fully over night if you keep reapplying for a few minutes(each time letting it dry completely) This sounds crazy but there is something else in nail polish remover (not sure What) but other than just alcohol this helps evaporates these infections. Sometimes I might even have to use bactine to numb it first (takes 2 minutes to numb). Break open the blisters with a needle and apply nail polish remover. it will sting extremely for a few seconds. If it doesnt, it didnt reach the core of the cold sore. You will see results Immediatly, your cold sore will be slightly red from irritation but once it has calmed it will disappear. I dont know what I would have done my whole life suffering unexpectedly without finding this remedy. It has given me hope that I can fight back!!

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    Its a sad thing to say but some people are just mos susceptible to cold sores than others. The fact that you would get them about once every six months is a higher rate than average for cold sore sufferers. Its also possible that you're just going through a more active phase of the cold sore virus, if so its cyclical and might recede soon enough. Other than that I'd just stick with what your doctor would tell you or maybe get a second opinion if you don't trust it too much.

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    Do you slobber at night during your sleep ? have you drank tea . Coffee from a place that you have done before and maybe picked a cold sore up from the cups . . ? . . . Best thing to use believe me you wont get the usual scab or spread . Use an Ice Cube it kills the bacteria . Use a towel or something to hold the ice on and just move it over the cold sore until the ice is completely melted . . Seriously someone asked me the same question a week ago on Q & A and she was amazed with the result . . It wont cost you anything except cold frozen water you will be amazed within 2 days at the very least . . . . Let me know how you get on with that one . . . Bye

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