Is Macedonia considered to be Greek? And are Macedonians considered Greek?

I have been reading certain debate style arguments all over the internet some saying Macedonia/ns are Greek and others saying absolutely not.

Are they Greek or not? What do Macedonian people believe? If they are considered not Greek at all do they find being called Greek offensive or is it more something that they laugh at the statement's stupidity?


Gaia: I'm fairly sure most of your questions could easily have been solved by reading a book of some sort. So how about reading some books of your own before telling me to do it? I had read up but since there seemed to be so much debate going on I was curious as to what the truth was.

Update 2:

Michel: That is all well and good other than the fact that Germany and the US have states not provinces.States and provinces have different roles politically. State governments are more independent than the governments of provinces. Powers, rights and privileges of the government also differs.

Update 3:

ΦΡΙΕΤ ΤΣΙΚΕΝ: I would have taken your answer very seriously except for the fact my 12 year old cousin could probably beat you by a mile on a spelling test. It kind of decreases the respectability of your answer when you write like a 12 year old on a mobile phone. Yes there are many Greeks here in South Australia but that doesn't mean I know any (at least not well enough) that I can just straight out ask. I'm sure dozens of your question could have easily been answered by picking up a book so before telling me to pick one up when I read up (but met confusion due to differing opinions and sources) on this pick up a book yourself and learn to write like your age not like a 12 year school kid.

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    EDIT // @"With her head in the clouds"

    Yes I can understand your confusion, therefore I provided many clues for you to prove you the truth. I can say even more if you like. Doesn't matter the number though. What it really matters is their existence. If a F.Y.R.O.Mian guy can't provide evidence and a Greek can, then you know who is lying and who is not. Just ask them their evidence. They can prove nothing. They just spreading rumors about "their" Macedonia. And is common knowledge, that when someone has all the evidence, there is no need to struggle to prove anything. It's just provides the clues when necessary as I did. So no propaganda is necessary either. So I suggest to google a little and find out about the F.Y.R.O.Mian propaganda. You'll find articles (which of course are) against Greece. But these articles are full of hate which have nothing to do with Macedonia or even history. Why? Al these for a name?

    Anyway, If you don't believe me, you can trust old or ancient texts. The Macedonia issue started almost 60 years ago by Tito, the 1st president of Yugoslavia. Before then no one even thought Macedonia as something else than Greek. So a book before that, (like dictionaries or encyclopedias) will tell you the truth. Find old enough encyclopedias. And learn the truth. Read what Herodotus said... It's only a matter of time...

    PS: Sorry for any mistakes. My english are not good enough...

    EDIT END //

    Macedonia in a Greek province since ancient years. Every serious scientist will say that. For example:

    1) "The Macedonian people and their kings were of Greek stock, as their traditions and the scanty remains of their language combine to testify." (John Bagnell Bury, "A History of Greece to the Death of Alexander the Great", 2nd ed.(1913)

    2) "Clearly, the language of the ancient Macedonians was Greek". (Prof. John C. Roumans Professor Emeritus of Classics Wisconsin University)

    3) "There is no doubt, that Macedonians were Greeks." (Robin Lane Fox "Historian-Author" In Interview with newspaper TO BHMA)

    Unfortunately, a country called Vardarska (capital Skopje) a neighboring country of Greece, claims the "Macedonia" name illegally in an effort to steal the Greek history and civilization. Unfortunately for them, Macedonia is Greek and every historical artifact will prove it's authenticity. Here are some:

    - Alexander the Great was Macedonian

    - Alexander was Macedonian, from a city called Pella

    - "Pella" is a Greek word.

    - "Macedonia" is a Greek word.

    - Every greek knows the etymology of the above names.

    - None of the Skopjans can learn or describe in their language what "Pella" and "Macedonia" means

    - Hercules was the hero who named the Olympic games as "Olympic". (You know that Olympic Games are Greek, right?) Mount Olympus is a part of Macedonia.

    - In many tombs exist a description which describes the authenticity of Macedonia. Like this one: «Αύχημα (modern: καύχημα, from the verb "αυχέω") δεχθείς του των Ελλήνων γένους» which means "I'm proud to be Greek". Loukas Spantounis (Greek: Λουκάς Σπαντουνής) who wrote this on his Grave, was a Greek from Macedonia. He wrote it back at 1480. (PS: Dear Missy: let me see your explanation of the above sentence since it's "your" language. Can you translate it? Word by word of course... not the meaning)

    - But not only since 1480. Many centuries before Jesus was even born, tombs have a Greek signature. Many tombs instead of a description, have statues, or representations from ancient greek wars, or religious representations or dialogues between soldiers/philosophers/e.t.c. Like the "Kriseos tafos" ("The judgment tomb") has a representation of a war between Greeks and barbarians (probably Persians) and a Greek dialogue probably from the book "Gorgia" (Greek: Γοργία) by Plato as scientists think.

    - Many quotes prove that Macedonia is Greek. Like:

    1) The speech of Alexander I, when he was admitted to the Olympic games

    "Men of Athens... Had I not greatly at heart the common welfare of Hellas I should not have come to tell you; but I am myself Hellene by descent, and I would not willingly see Hellas exchange freedom for slavery.... If you prosper in this war, forget not to do something for my freedom; consider the risk I have run, out of zeal for the Hellenic cause, to acquaint you with what Mardonius intends, and to save you from being surprised by the barbarians. I am Alexander of Macedon." (Herodotus, The Histories, 9.45)

    2) "Tell your king (Xerxes), who sent you, how his Greek viceroy (Alexander I) of Macedonia has received you hospitably." (Herod. V, 20, 4 [Loeb])

    3) Senator Alfonse D'Amato Speaks on F.Y.R.O.M and tells:"Macedonia is GREEK".

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    I believe, you don't have any doubts anymore about Macedonia. Macedonia is Greek!

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    Real Macedonians are Greeks. They won't identify themselves as Macedonians unless asked (as it's often the first question among Greeks abroad) "what part of Greece are you from"

    On the other hand, the next door neighbors that formed a small independent country when Yugoslavia dissolved, chose to call themselves Macedonians and their country Macedonia, therefore when they are asked where from their answer is "Macedonia"

    So the easy way to identify someone abroad whether is Greek or not is to ask them. If their answer is Greek, they are Greek, no matter what part of Greece they come from

    If they answer "Macedonian" you'll know they are the fake ones (just like Chinese products)

    The dispute is ongoing and will never end unless the new country picks another name

    Read more about it here:

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    Macedonians are NOT Greeks. Take this from a Macedonian who is from Macedonia and whose ancestors have suffered a genocide from Greeks. Greece annexed half of Macedonia in 1913 and are now claiming us the Macedonians as Greeks. MACEDONIANS ARE NOT GREEK DONT FALL FOR THEIR PROPAGANDA.

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    Macedonia is Greek. Ancient Macedon was a Greek city state, in which Alexander the Great emerged and conquered most of the known world. Macedonia today is a province in Greece with its capital Thessaloniki.

    There is a country just north of Greece that likes to refer itself as Macedonia after the break up of Yugoslavia, but they are slav in origin and are in no way related to the Ancient Greek Macedonians.

    Although there are numerous references from the ancients (and unfortunately there isn’t enough room to mention them all) the most important evidence is the Archaeological discoveries. Everything that has been found in Ancient Macedonia is only Greek! All the inscriptions on monuments, coins and other artifacts are written in GREEK. Hundreds of inscriptions, both state and private, are all in Greek. The names of the Macedonians written by themselves on their tombs are only Greek! There are no ancient monuments with a different language.

    Furthermore there are a large number of discoveries in Asia in the route of Alexander the Great. All these monuments, discovered in Persia, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, India and many more countries, prove that Alexander’s quest was Greek and that his goal was to spread the Greek civilization all over the world. Don’t forget that Alexander created a gigantic Greek empire and make Greek an international language! His successors continued his worked and they formed the Hellenistic Greek world.

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  • lot of greeks in south australia .......why dont u ask them first......or as some one suggested get ur head into real books and read real history.....,,and stop having ur head in the clouds..

    keep thinking ur a dumdorf soldier then ur never learn anythiing apart from what crap they feed you....

    let me ask you ..WHO WALKS FOR YOU! well then u treat all of life the same ur own reserach...READ BOOKS dont depend on the net or yahoo answers..l

    @heads up in her ****..before u judge older peopel u should ask if those people are wellin health first then pass ur cooemnts ,head in her ***....i suffred a very serious heart attacks twice and have lost some capabilitys dont tell me i can spell or know my **** like u dont want to take things serious and pass judgemnt on peopel u dont know...just get ur head out of ur **** and READ A GOOD BOOK..U PICE OF CRAP...

    Source(s): and yes macedonia is greek........i wont argue with u or any one...about the macedonia issue but the truth is in the time line... and time does not start at alexander the great,s time.....many centurys before that.. READ GOOD HISTORY BOOKS... and yes iam from sydney
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    Macedonia is NOT considered to be Greek.

    Macedonia IS Greece and Macedonians Are Greeks.

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    How about reading some good history books? I mean, don't expect yahoo answers to solve your problems if school didn't.

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