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Why did Democrats blame Bush for high gas prices but now claim that Obama has no control over gas prices?

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    I'll post what I said last week since you didn't want to address your own question..;_ylt=AjK7M...

    Why do Cons ignore gas prices almost tripling under Bush from around $1.50 when he took office to a high of $4.27

    With that being said, no president is directly to blame for prices. Oil is a commodity mainly driven by the market so speculators determine the prices. However, the wars under Bush did cause more tension among oil production nations in the middle east unsettling the market. Our involvement today has the same effect.

    It's so intellectually dishonest to pin everything to Obama without mentioning Bush when Obama has just recently started to pull out troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Wars that started under the Bush administration.

    I know Cons want to forget everything that happened under Bush but yes, he was POTUS for 8 years.

    Why do Cons keep drumming up this talking point knowing very well this makes them look seriously misinformed?

    Please post that 2 month Gasbuddy cart again. LOL

    I'm still waiting for the GasBuddy chart. Still trying the "forget" the Bush years or something? Are you going to leave this question hanging too?

  • 9 years ago

    People who blamed Bush are just as stupid as people who blame Obama.

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