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Are White German Shepherds good family dogs?

My dog just recently died and we are looking for a new dog. I love white german shepherds and have heard they are good for families because they are protective, loyal, loving, etc.... But my mom is skeptical when it comes to big dogs. She is afraid that it might end up attacking family, friends, or neighbors while trying to protect us or just because it will be aggressive. I have done some research and I personally think that white german shepherds are great dogs. I also found an awesome breeder close to us that does a personality test and figures out which of their puppies will be best for you and your family. I think with all the research and the good breeder we will end up with a really nice puppy. I guess my mom just needs some conformation from somebody else (other than me) that a white german shepherd is a good dog.

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    The problem with Yahoo Answers is that it's sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. You've had some good answers but you've also had some really, really bad ones. Anybody who tells you that American White Shepherds or White German Shepherd Dogs or White Swiss Shepherds (genetically they're all the same) are inherently bad dogs is horribly uneducated, misinformed or just simply wrong. Ask your question on the German Shepherd Dog Forum here:

    The thousands of forum members there are very knowledgable about the GSD breed and they'll be the first to tell you that a well bred white GSD is every bit as good, healthy and stable as a regular color GSD. The idea that they are somehow naturally more agressive is ridiculous. In my opinion, the vet that the vet tech quotes on this likely just had a bad experience with one (as you can with any dog). There aren't ANY statistics that support this. In fact, a lot of people suggest that the white is LESS aggressive and intense than its colored brethren. There's some evidence for that due to its being used less often in protection work - though many law enforcement agencies use them for detection and tracking.

    It is true that white is a disqualifying fault in the AKC - but that just means that you can't show the dog in conformation. You can still register them and compete with them in the full range of AKC sponsored activities. It IS allowed to show in the UKC (the 2nd largest breed club in the United States). There are no less than five breed clubs specifically devoted to the White Shepherd or White German Shepherd Dog. There are PLENTY of reputable breeders who focus on them. They do the full range of health tests on all of their dogs, show them and title in them conformation (in the UKC) and work them in obedience and other sports (in both AKC and UKC). Again, check with the members of the German Shepherd Dog Forum if you want to get their opinion on a certain breeder (NOT Yahoo Answers!!).

    However, like any breed, you have to check the breeder carefully and be prepared to raise the dog responsibly. A bad dog can be made good by responsible and caring ownership and a good dog can be made bad by careless ownership. Don't rush into it. Read all you can. Talk to the breeder and look at their other dogs. Talk to other White Shepherd owners. The dog will be with you for upwards of 15 years - spend a few extra months selecting the right one.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): GSD and White Shepherd owner for 10 years to include competing in conformation, obedience and agility trials.
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    White German Shepherds

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    I am a vet tech. The vet I work for has over 30 years experience, and he says that the only dog he is extremely wary of is the white german shepherd.

    He treats all kinds of dogs, from chihuahuas (also to be feared : ) to Pit Bulls. I take him seriously.

    If you end up getting one anyway, please make sure you have a family trainer come to your house a few times to get you off to the right start with your new pet. Any big dog can be either a wonderful experience or a total nightmare. If your family is relatively calm, orderly, and can all get on the same page with rules, feeding, etc. then you have a better chance of ending up with a good pet.

    As a technician, there are breeds that I am more wary of when drawing blood and trimming nails. The german shepherd has to be right up there near the top. On the other hand, I'll work with almost any Golden Retreiver or Lab without even thinking of using a muzzle.

    Before going to a breeder, may I suggest you look on for some pretty awesome puppies needing homes? Rescuing a puppy can be very rewarding. I have a "schnauzadorr" lab/schnauzer mix; and friends just rescued a shepherd/rottie mix. Both awesome pets!

    vet tech

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      whites are the best love them had nothing but white my whole life! im 29 by the way get a white german over the brown an tan youll be glad you did

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    Albino German Shepherd

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    Take out the 'white' bit. Any German Shephered is a good dog, providing you train it right and get it from a reputable breeder! :)

    Just keep in mind that German Shepherds are dogs with high standards. I.e, you need to be prepared to exercise them daily, take the time to train them correctly, etc etc.

    Either way, a German Shepherd would be a GREAT dog for you and your family as long as you're happy to take full care of it, and reassure your mum lol:)

    Good luck :D

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Everything sounds great. I might even want to be one of your dogs ;-) except for the children. Since you already have dogs & kids, I'm pretty sure you understand that dogs are babies that never grow up. I wouldn't want to take on the additional work of a new dog with 5 1/2 kids... but that fortunately for all of us... I'm not you! ;-) It sounds like you know that the S in GSD actually stands for SHEDDER.... cause they shed... a LOT. And you sound like you know some things about GSDs & WS. That's good! Informed buyers are a breeders' dream come true! If I were going to buy a white, I'd buy a white from a successful white breeder, not someone who had a white by accident. Also...keep in mind the closest breeder might not be the one for you. ;-) A well rounded pet comes from a breeder who believes that temperament, health, brains & beauty is just as important as coat color. Someone who's breeding for one trait alone is breeding wrong, no matter how 'right' the trait is. Some of my friends have whites. It sounds like they're bathed much more than my colored GSDs. Maybe not full baths, but rinsed out at least to remove dirt so they stay white. Good luck! PS... Kole is one of my friends' dogs! How funny is that!

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    They are good dogs but with any dog you must train and exercise constantly. German Shepherds are very smart and active dogs and they need training and an outlet. So yes they can be great family dogs, but I must warn you if you are getting from a breeder and any breeder saying that they are albino German Shepherds and the dogs have black noses and dark eyes is full of it and a charlatan.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Are White German Shepherds good family dogs?

    My dog just recently died and we are looking for a new dog. I love white german shepherds and have heard they are good for families because they are protective, loyal, loving, etc.... But my mom is skeptical when it comes to big dogs. She is afraid that it might end up attacking family, friends, or...

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    I'm answering this specifically as a lifetime enthusiast and historian of the breed.

    What nearly everyone here has said is correct. The GSD (of any color) is a breed that needs to be worked and have good firm guidance. This is a breed that will actively TEST your resolve and consistency (males will especially test), so all members of your family must understand that all training must be constant and consistent! The GSD is also a high energy and excessively smart breed and so its good to have a routine and a job for him to perform. That job can be anything from guarding the house, to Conformation (unless white in america), or even tracking! You can check any local training outlets in your area (not like petsmart or petco, but an organization dedicated to training) and they should have a variety of different classes you can take that specialize in different things (tracking, rally, obedience, agility) for your dog to do.

    As a historical note. The idea that no 'reputable' breeder will have whites is absolute nonsense. I know American breeders who wouldnt touch the color white and they dont have the sense God gave a mule in regard to breeding. The correct idea should be that no reputable breeder would breed the GSD for anything other than to work (that includes you AKC show breeders).

    In the 1930's when the breed was founded, the creator Max. V. Stephanitz actually did not like ANY solid colors, that included black. But he was also quoted as saying that no good dog is a bad color, and the grandsire of his chosen dog was actually a white dog. Capt. Stephanitz actually bred the first GSD (Horan or Horand) several times to other dogs and to his own offspring in order to solidify type. Needless to say, white was common and there were no issues with the color.

    However, during WW2 after the breed had gotten significant noteriety in Germany, Hitler had members of the Nazi party infultrate the SV (The GSD club of Germany), and basically kick Capt. Stephanitz out of his own club! Confusing the white gene with the albino gene, the Nazi's/Hitler blamed all weakness of temperament and drive, and the dilution of colors to the White GSD. As a result, all white dogs that showed up in litters were culled or killed. We now know today what the albino gene is separate from white, as is the gene which dilutes color.

    In the 1960's the USA adopted the German Standard, and unfortunately that included the erroneous disqualification of the color white. The few people who were enthusiasts of the white color, began to pick up and breed this variety separately. In many cases the drive today has been lost in the white dog, though there are a scarce few white sport dogs in existence. Today, the white GSD has evolved mostly side by side with the colored GSD, and by all rights is the same breed but lacking the serious drive of the main breed. Their basically all (sadly) transforming into AKC show dogs.

    There is another false idea that white dogs arent good herders, because the sheep wont listen to a white dog the same color as them. However, this has been disproven in the Border Collie, as solid white or white faced dogs actively compete in herding. You also have to consider the fact that sheep come in brown, black, spotted etc etc, so to quote another breeder on the faulty idea of color effecting sheep herding, you would need a dog thats pink.

    End of history lesson :3, good luck with your dog! Make sure though that the breeder you get from doesnt have just show dogs, and that she performs in at least 1 sport either agility, obedience, or preferably Schutzhund. Those breeders are the good ones :)!

    Source(s): over 20 years GSD research and study
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    white german shepherds good family dogs

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