Why are some people quick to believe the negative things about black people?

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Like the stereotypes and those bogus crime and IQ statistics and any other negative stuff about black people.Yes, there is other races that have stereotypes but there not as focus on ...show more
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This is why we must break these stereotypes by being better than them.
I somewhat agree with you. But not everyone with sense believes all those stereotypes because they actually KNOW black people of all different kinds.

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Yeah that's why i said some people believe it.
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  • Kid Jamaica answered 2 years ago
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  • Loveoverflows answered 2 years ago
    Lack of intelligence and jealousy
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  • Erin Lovegood answered 2 years ago
    Because they're gullible, don't let them keep you down.
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  • Miguel answered 2 years ago
    I'm 13 years old but I've been noticing the same thing you're questioning. Black people in my opinion and if you have a good heart you'll agree are no different than white people. We all are humans but apparently others don't agree. Black people committed several and several of crimes, however if you really think of it the white people have no excuse neither. You see for example if white people by the way i'm not a trying to offend the whites but if white people were so innocent why did they use blacks as slaves. And as if the blacks has not had enough they called the black people baboons and plenty others. Not all white people participated in that racial non-sense but a lot still decided to stay and not change they've decided to stay and still be a " racist. " However one thing I don't understand is before ( the blacks were called " *****'s " and now ( some ) use that word all the time to their friends or to their enemies. Black people sag their pants and event mostly all the slang talk people use now a days. And another thing is that ( some ) black people ... well they kill their own kind. It's like a few months ago we was all holding hands awaiting for peace for we could be treated as equal and now were going against each other taking advantage and not being great-full enough to notice what Martin Luther King died for. I honestly can't wait for this world to be in absolute peace. Heads up everybody is human nobody is should criticize nobody.
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  • Baconhawk answered 2 years ago
    Usually People Just believe Anything there friends or "popular" people say. Its just there lack of intelligence and they are just being stupid. Most People Will Believe anything with a percent sign.
    If you were to say 92% of people are stereotypes, then Almost everyone will believe it. Most People Are just stupid and will believe anything. You probably notice that most people who say that stuff, are VERY immature.
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  • Pump Yo Fist answered 2 years ago
    I don't like to wear clothes.
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