Why do men have nipples?

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Simple....Why do men have nipples?
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We all start out as the same sex genetically...but early on we differentiate. Still, the genders share a lot of physical parallels as a result. Men not only have nipples, but we also have breasts of course.

I've also read a number of accounts where men were able to lactate, either as juveniles (a phenomenon partially described as a process called galactorrhea) or as adult males.
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  • Tsarist Colours answered 2 years ago
    Nipples are VESTIGIAL PARTS like the coccyx, and the hair on the body. They are a part of our evolutionary history. They aren't functional simply because men do not have female hormones, of course! Basically they're of no use, but they form a part of the human museum of vestigial organs.
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  • ~*♡CzarnyKon 馬♡*~ answered 2 years ago
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  • Erik answered 2 years ago
    they are leftover from evolution. they aren't use full but also aren't detrimental so they are probably here to stay.
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  • John answered 2 years ago
    good question.
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  • rb6geo answered 2 years ago
    It's to help us breathe underwater. Seriously.

    Okay, well not seriously. But here is the answer:

    It actually isn't used for anything on males.
    "nipples aren't a sex-linked characteristic. In other words, nipples are just one of those sexually neutral pieces of equipment, like arms or brains, that humans get regardless of sex. "

    -Cecil Adams



    Edit: Why thumbs down you bunch of scrubs. You knowledge haters :P
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  • Jimothy answered 2 years ago
    Go ahead, take yours off, see how you do. :)
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