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Why Most Places of Worship are located in the deep jungles of the foothills or built on top of mountains ?

to destroy and disrupt Mother Nature ?

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    The reason most places of worship are built wherever nature offers some special grandeur or beauty is so that man's mind can come out of his narrow world of necessities and realize its place in the cradle of the infinite i.e. God.

    - A quote from the book "Sadhana - The Realisation of Life" by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore

    This book is a must read for any seeker of spiritual wisdom and is available for a free download at the link above because its copyright has now expired.

    Source(s): Sadhana: The Realisation of Life – A Powerful Book on Spirituality by Rabindranath Tagore!
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    well, in Europe, the convents or monasteries were built in wilderness to provide necesary separation from earthly pleasures and often to provide privacy AND in some cases, stealth.

    regarding the tops of prominent hills, those were long seen as a defensive positions to flock to. "Iron Maiden: Run to the hills" so there either was a castle/fortress OR a walled church.

    i can imagine that the seeking of solitude was the prime reason in other places, too.

    back in the days, uncultivated Nature was seen as more of an enemy than "mother Nature" -reason for landscaping "french" parks - to create the illusion of totally controlled nature.

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    usually they were built on top of mountains to have a prominent position, so people would have to raise their eyes to see them, and possibly that bit higher because they thought they were closer to God.

    Not sure about the jungle though. Possibly hidden from enemies, worship is seen as a tribal/personal thing so it would be kept relatively hidden

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    From what I have read, the reason is from interruptions and the breaking of the works while in progress. The incantations, preparation and rituals can be quite time consuming. One is cautioned from idle talk, excessive noise, distractions, sex, trivial pursuits, and cutting corners regarding preparation and costs. This appears to be universal in preparation for the "works". Isolation is highly recommended, matter of fact, Solomon declares "far from the habitations of men", and priests, shamans have sought isolation in their own abodes and in natural places for this reason. Mountains are isolated places, and jungles, deserts as well have their own insulating factors "far from the habitations of men". Prayers, incantations, preparation, cleanliness are very important in the works and shortcuts usually meet with failure. Unfortunately, in our world, people are naturally meddlesome creatures and you should keep such things close to the vest. These are the pearls the ancients gave us. Pay close attention to the location for such works there are explicit instructions for the location of such things.

    Source(s): Veritable Works of Solomon, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Egyptian Book of the Dead, any bible, the Koran, and The Magi, as well as the Book of Moses. This is the best I could do for you on short notice, but was glad to do so. Good Luck.
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    May be to move away from the social corruption and hypocrisy

    and to come closer to the silence and the beauty of nature,

    so that one may become able to search the self and the truth

    without much difficulty and obstacles.

    I think,

    urbanization and industrialization have destroyed the mother nature more than anything else.

    Source(s): self.
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    There is no easy way or short cut to God. You have to put in an effort to have an audience with the deity.

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    So that people would get a sense of satisfaction. i.e. They would feel satisfied that they have done something for God, that they have done something to attain their place in heaven. Sounds wrong doesn't it?

    God Loves You

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    lol ! no ! its bcoz, there's a lot of positive energy n vibration that's available in those serene places ! :)

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    haha no.

    bcz god likes to stay away 4rm humans!

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