Help on Windows Wallpaper problem?

So I recently got a new Asus Windows 7. My last computer was a stupid HP Vista. So I'm not use to the new Windows 7. So the problem is I saved a picture on my computer that I want as a desktop background and I make it the background. All is good and well, I even save the "theme." However when I turn it on the next day, its not there... its just a white screen with the logo Asus on it.

I've retried it and retried it. It always shifts to that page.

I thought maybe its because its on the timer to change pictures every so minutes (shuffle). Well I look and its not. So I'm confused and tired of having to do this all the time. ugh.

Any Ideas would be great. :)

Thanks so much Guys.

***P.S. I don't care if this is a good/crappy/ect. computer. I just need answers.***

2 Answers

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