WTF?! I can't sign into psn now. WTF?!?

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I was playin cod and I signed out because It wudnt let me do online special ops. So I tried to sign out then sign back in. But now everytime I try to sign back in it says: " an more
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Yes! I'm not alone!!!!


PS3 player.
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    Thanks for posting this haha I thought I was the only one! should be back up by tmmrw hopefully by the look of the other comments


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  • AoiPanduH answered 2 years ago
    LMAO, this happened to me today too!
    LAMEEEEEE... TT.TT I wanted to play black ops zombies...
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  • CHITRAJ answered 2 years ago
    Thats happenin to me to but i think i will be fixed in a day. Or even earlier
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  • Kyle P answered 2 years ago
    Yeah wtf I sat here for over an hour installing the system update and now I can't get back on. I never heard about any maintenance and if so it should be done at off peak hours. Never had these bullshit problems with a ps2 or my gameboy :)
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  • Nazir answered 2 years ago
    PSN is under maintenacne
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  • Ryu answered 2 years ago
    The PSN is under maintenance today from 12PM PST to 2AM PST Tomorrow (5AM Eastern)
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