Lump in armpit gone post massage?!?

Ok, I've been getting lumps under my armpits. They go away after awhile, but they keep comming back. I've got lots of neck and shoulder tension. Today, I decided to spend part of my tax return on a massage. She was awesome, though it really hurt, and did myofacial (spelling?) release. She also worked some on each armpit. Last night, I noticed the gumball sized lump under my arm is gone completely. WTF is going on here? Clearly, it's got to do with lymph drainage, but wtf? I need more detail than this. Help?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'm glad you were able to get a good massage, and as a massage therapist I'll mention that there is generally speaking not a lot of muscle massage to be done in the axillary (armpit) area.

    In fact, it can sometimes be an area of concern if the person has a cancer history, because the clearance of the lymphatic area can facilitate cancer cell metastisis. Because those lumps happen often for you, you are accustomed to them showing up, but I do suggest that you put the same importance to them as with your breast self-exam.

    Now, regarding the neck and shoulder tension, I'm going to mention an area of neck tension that you can help yourself with.

    You have a muscle that may frequently gather tension, it's called the Sternocleidomastoid. It goes from behind the ear down towards your chest, and the second site I give you shows its location, but also mentions how symptoms of its being in spasm can show up elsewhere, as indicated by the diagrams.

    Third site gives more details, and after reading it, you may be able to think of people that may have the problem. Look at a person's neck. If it has an obvious muscle that's tight, going down to the base of the neck, they've got it.

    And the last site shows how to do a very special stretch to get it into better control.

  • 5 years ago

    I'm a Hodgkin's lymphoma patient, so I have learned a lot about the lymph system. I went back and read your previous question. Typically a lymph node that is malignant doesn't "move" around when you feel it. I've had several lymph nodes that were full of cancer and they were all hard and not mobile. Lymph nodes swell when there is an infection in the body, even a minor one. Once the lymph nodes in my neck swelled after I got my ears pierced and one became infected. It can take weeks or even months for them to return to their normal size. So don't let it distress you too much. I would give it a couple of weeks and return to the doctor if it is still there. Applying a warm compress to the swollen lymph node can help take away discomfort. I imagine he changed it to two weeks because you are having symptoms of an active infection somewhere in your body (temp and swollen node) and it's important to stay on top of that. Good luck to you!

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