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Why does the American politicians want to go war with Iran? When they can go war with North korea?

My god if you people go war with Iran, your relationship with Russia will go back to the Cold War. Why the hell you people demonizing Iran!? Russia has a lot interest in Iran and china to. American says that they will protect there interest with Israel. Russia maybe protect there interest with Iran to. If the Americans attacks another country like down south america then your probably looking at Wourld war 3. If Russia protects Iran from Israel and America then your looking at world war 3 again. Just let you know America will be bomb from Iran if America goes war with Iran. There not some poor country you know they do have missles that can reach and be cloaked to reach America (Im not talking about nuclear missle). America is a big country and I wouldn't be surprised if some missle hit some town or city from Iran. O ya iran has one of the biggest army in the world and there 12 strongest country in the world.


Sorry I was wrong about Iran having missiles that can reach America. I read a article that they do have it. But my stuff still stands up.

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    Iran is looking for war or an excuse to start a war. They have been working on it for a long time now.

    Don't think for one minute that Iran can launch anything that will reach the US. An attack on Iran will go down very fast and cruise missiles or bombers will all arrive at once blowing out the nuclear plants and military targets within a few hours - after that Iran will be unable to respond.

    What Russia or China will do is another story.


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    If an all out war happened between Iran and the US one Ohio class missile sub could level the whole place. What do you think would be left of Iran if it were hit with 192- 100KT warheads? Russia would never protect you if Iran hit a US City with a nuke. Russia would want nothing to do with that because the American people would want revenge on anyone who did that and God or Allah help anyone who got in the way. Look at what happened to Iraq and they fought Iran to a stand still.

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  • 8 years ago

    Why does the American politicians want to go war with Iran? When they can go war with North korea?

    If a rabid dog is coming at you, why would you go after a cat? Iran is a rabid dog. It is pumped up with oil money and a terrorist religion. They have dreams of a muslim world and a return to the lost muslim caliphate. Lost to Europe and its industrialization. Nothing but hate is coming from Iran. They still have hazy memories of the Persian empire. They are ashamed to admit that the Jews alone have out produced the muslims as far as discoveries, inventions, and new developments. Including the Atomic bomb. Based on much Jewish thought and work. Starting with Einstein and even the traitors Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

    While the Iranians claim such advancements they really are very backward. Including their military. Their contribution to the good of humanity is ------- ZERO. Except for their rugs.

    They are like a pesky fly asking to be swatted.

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  • 8 years ago

    We have some politicians that love to have wars or undeclared wars, like Iraq or Afhghnaistan. Only the U.S. Congress can declare war. And both of the above used the president's war power's act that allows only 90 days of action. The Congress kept extending the 90 days.

    Sen. John McCain wants us to go to war or take action against Syria.

    Many war hawks want to take action against Iran.

    Worse the U.S. sold Iran the Nuclear technology years ago.

    Russia sold them the current nuclear plant they have now.

    But like North Korea the tyrants and nations actions are looking bad on Russia and China who support them. And both China and Russia have told Iran and North Korea that they better change because their support is not endless and could end soon if they keep up their actions.

    And worse Pres. G.W. Bush knew about Iran's Nuclear power and ignored it with his bogus WMD's in Iraq.

    Even worse yet the current republicans trying to preach that pres. Obama is not pro-Isreal.

    If necessary our troops could crush Iran. But our troops are aready battle fatigued from the longest wars this nation has ever fought.

    U.S. Troops suisicides are at the highest levels, same for veterans that have returned home. So is drug and alcohol abuse. Not to mention violent crime.

    And then there is the problem of the unneeded war on Iraq. It makes us look like we are anti-muslim, or bullying them. This allows Iran to get sympathy from other muslim nations.

    Source(s): Please watch the film "Stop Loss." The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have forced horrible war costs on our volunteer troops. With endless tours even after retirement has been reached our your tour is over. Plus Isreal's forces could alone destroy Iran. Look how hard a war it was when Iran and and Iraq where at war. And how fast Iraq's elite revolutionary guard surrendered to U.S. initial troops.
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    You are right. Yes, we understand how you feel. I think Pres. Obama had to impose the harsh business sanctions to slow down Israel's military attack on Iran. I think the attack will come from Israel because they really want to stop Iran from smuggling weapons to Lebanon and Gaza. I am worried about more people being killed. The U.S. will have to support Israel because most of the politicians agree that Iran should not be advanced in nuclear technology or possess nuclear weapons.

    U.S. warships are in the Persian Gulf. U.S and Israel have spy satellites above Iran and CIA agents inside Iran. I know you are not afraid to defend yourself but I dont think Iran has missiles that can reach U.S., thats why the target would be closer. Russia will not get involved in any warfare so Iran will have to protect itself. Israel has a missile defense system so it will stop any missiles coming from Iran.

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  • 8 years ago

    What have you been smoking?

    "There not some poor country you know they do have missles that can reach and be cloaked to reach America (Im not talking about nuclear missle)"

    Iran is still trying to build a missile that can reach Israel. They have fired several they claimed would do the job, but each of those tests have been somewhat less than successful.

    Iran has never launched a missile with the ability to reach US soil.

    "O ya iran has one of the biggest army in the world and there 12 strongest country in the world."

    Really? I mean REALLY?

    The "Iranian Army" could not whip Saddam's Army in eight years of trying. The USA did it in 100 HOURS

    The Iranian Air Force can, on a good day, put 5 jets into the air. The rest of their vaunted Air Force is grounded due to poor maintenance and lack of spare parts.

    ONE Nimitz Class aircraft carrier carries 85 aircraft, and they ALL work. And FYI - we have 12 more to back up the first one.

    The Iranian Navy has three Kilo's it bought from Russia. They are tied up to the pier and have been for so long they have been given building numbers.

    The last time the Iranian Navy put to sea to argue with the US Navy, they ran back to port short a bunch of speedboats and one Frigate.

    Your spending way too much time reading and believing Iranian propaganda.

    Please go back to your tent

    Your goat misses you

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  • 8 years ago

    thats right.iran army is the 12th world strongest according to the to stupid idiots who mentioned iran-iraq war a little history here:

    Iran-iraq war started when iran just had the islamic revolution,there a lot who were still faithful to the previous gov and iran economy was awful... at that time iraq had about 16 allies(including america,UK,france,germany...) while iran had none

    Btw since that war iran has been growing its military power rapidly and has reached the 12th place while being under great sanctions for about 33 years

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  • 3 years ago

    Bible Prophecy is basically being fulfilled. Mat 24:6 you will pay attention of wars and comments of wars; see which you at the instant are not terrified. for those products could ensue, however the top isn't yet. 7 “For united states will upward thrust against united states and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after yet another. 8 a number of those issues are a beginning up of pangs of misery.

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  • 8 years ago

    simple answer.

    Iran has something America want. North Korea do not. American government dont give a flying fluff about peace and people. Its all about money, oil and control. They target the middle east very strategically.

    Oh, and America also have not been doing the right thing by Israel AT ALL lately. Obama is a muslim and is proving himself to be pretty lazy when it comes to upholding his supposed honours towards israel.

    US government are so corrupt its not funny. I mean all governments are pretty dismal, but us gov is the cherry on top. ugh.

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  • sparks
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    8 years ago

    American politician that wants to go to war without being attacked first needs to be kicked out of office. The country's still paying for Bush's Iraqi blunder.

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