What are advantages and disadvantages of hacking a wii?

I have had my wii since 2008 i think O.o

but i have been hearing about hacking a wii

what does it do to the wii???

what are the advantages and disadvantages??????

Thank YOOOOU ^o^

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  • 8 years ago
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    -You get the homebrew channel

    -You can download all types of apps to your Wii (emulators, SD Card readers, etc)

    -You can configure your Wii to play out of region games

    -Texture Hack your current games!

    -Play cooler versions of other games (Brawl Minus is fun).

    -More possibilities for your Wii in general

    -You can pirate games (not recommended)


    -You can really mess your Wii up if you don't know what you're doing

    -You'll void your warranty (you probably don't have one though since it's 4 years old)

    -Nintendo is out to get you (by that i mean, you can't update your Wii) I have a lot of games that I have to launch through a loader because it says Update Required on the Wii Menu.

    - You'll have to get almost all of your from offline.

    -If your Wii is updated beyond a certain point it will be difficult to hack in the first place.

    Just about everyone I know has either hacked their Wii or traded it in. I'd say it's worth it. Even if you somehow brick your Wii (which is pretty hard to do theses days if you follow directions), Wii do run pretty cheap.

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