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How have gender roles changed over time?

In my exams, i have to have a short answer question asking "how have gender roles changed over time", could anyone please give me a brief example of what i can use?

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    Not many years ago gender was not an issue at all. Men were masculine, provided for their families and were expected to be leaders. Women were happy to be feminine, did not find it necessary to compete with men on the football field or in the military, and found fulfillment in being a wives, Mothers and homemakers. Gender was not an issue at all until "feminists" began telling women they were being abused in subservience to men. Now, the economy has adjusted to two incomes per family, children are raised by daycare strangers, men and women are afraid to commit and when they do get married she keeps her name and hyphenates his to it. Feminists could not stand the idea that a male was addressed "Mr. or Mister" whether he was single or married while females were "Miss" if single and "Mrs" when married and so they invented "Ms" which is the female equivalent to "Mr". The most dramatic change is we no longer understand the relationship between husband and wife to be parallel to Christ and Church. She takes her husbands name and becomes part of him in marriage, just as a new convert to Christianity becomes a member of the body of Jesus, which is the church. It seems that the forces attacking family values and blurring the traditional roles of husband and wife are digging away the very foundation of civilization and community. I am glad you asked this question and hope that you continue to.

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    In some parts of europe it is now more commo to find husehusbands and stay at home dads than wives/mums.

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