Why are a lot of black people racist against white people?

Yeah there are a lot of white people racist against black people (that's a bigger deal)? There are also a lot of black people racist against white people (people are okay with that)?

I'm not trying to be racist but, there are some (not all) blacks that blame whites for the laws they have broken, they play the race card to get out of trouble.

Bill Cosby said, "Stop blaming white people".

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    8 years ago
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    I agree with Bill Cosby. No one in my family has ever blamed White people for anything but racism. When my mom and dad struggled for 2 years, and when the economy was going down, they've never blamed White People. When some people got hate letters that read, "Get out you monkey." in a predominantly White suburb, yes, my parents blamed white people.

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    Because it is socially acceptable. You'd see just as much open racism from whites if it were normal and accepted in society. In other words, all of us are racist to one extreme or another, but it is just more acceptable to criticize one group's history over another...and that is somewhat justifiable by that same history. The truth is that anyone claiming they have no racial bias is a liar, and anyone claiming they have never been a victim of racial bias has lived a sheltered life. I'm white, and have been the target of racism (on account of where I grew up) on many more occasions than I can count.

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    8 years ago

    The issue of being a racist has just come from cause and effect. I for one grew up with grandparents who were Hispanics and went through not exactly, but similar situations like black Americans.

    Racism is really a state of intellect, being that if you hate a certain race or color of people just because of that then you are essentially ill minded. All races and ethnic groups are EQUALLY capable of learning and mastering the same degree of known knowledge from being a devine and created human being.

    I am not a RACE, I am an American born male who has Latin and Mexican orgins. I have decided to never separate myself by race, but merely by my life story.

    Racism exists only from cause and effects from ignorance, like time of racism towards black Americans. However, even in those hard times many white Americans defended there fellow and equal black Americans to the death. History must go through is cause and effect. It's only until those that were effected by racism in both sides teach their children that racism is simply "STUPID", that it is then we WILL MOVE ON TO BECOMING A BETTER PEOPLE AND SPECIES.

    Source(s): EXPERIENCE.
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    Most Black people have had very experiences with white people. So they feel ALL white people are evil and untrustworthy.

    P.S. Bill Cosby isn't the leader of the black community.

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  • 8 years ago

    Racism against whites is acceptable in todays society. Just look at racists like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rev Wright, Luis Farrakhan,The Black Panthers, Michelle Obama and Spike Lee.

    Look at all of these beating and black on white crime. Obama and Holder said that they will not prosecute black on white crimes.

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    Why are you all being racist!!?! i mean like not all people are the same i dont understand why you people dont understand some dont shoot people some like their hair natural we are not the same i wish some "Pales" Understand that yeah you don't like us from our skin color so what we are just a different color no reason to hate and i think that "Brown" People don't like Pale people because they keep on being rude to us for no reason when their was slavery we did not do anything to them well i don't know but i think racist stuff should stop. and like who taught you to hate the texture of your hair your skin and stuff i just don't get some stuff

    Source(s): Stop Racism now their is no right for this stuff
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    It is ALMOST ALWAYS easier to blame someone else for your troubles than accept the blame yourself. People of ALL races will try to take the easy way out, claiming prejudice from others. I admire Bill Cosby for his boldness to speak the truth on this issue, but it will NOT make him popular with his own race.

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    I think they have bad past experiences or have heard bad things from other people.

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    8 years ago

    well I say "stop blaming black people"

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