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Can african cichlids live alone ?

I have an all yellow one which im guessing is an electric yellow. One died because it jumped out the tank and i didnt see... The other one was yellow with stripes... They were in the same tank at the store so i assumed they would be fine together. Anyways my question is can this little guy live alone or does he need more of his kind. If so what other kind of african cichlids can live with him ? :)

(75 gallon)

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    Ive had one alone for over four years. Actually the easiest way to have one. Have no plants, rock reefs instead of sand, they love to dig. use [small] coral, it keeps the PH just perfect for Africans [they like high PH] run a fairly high temp. 77' to 80'. With a good outside filter you need only add water occasionally to make up for evaporation. I change the water about every 3 yrs. It stays 'nice and clear and clean. Of course "don't over feed". Remember, "a hungry fish is a healthy fish."

    Source(s): Been doing it for 40 years.
  • Matt
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    African cichlids are an amazing group of fish that are very colourful with loads of personality. They are a little aggressive so its best to have a lot, lol. In a 75 g tank you can have 30-40 Africans! Just make sure your filter is up to it.

    Africans need hard alkaline water. Use "Rift Lake Salts" to keep the water chemistry spot on, do 25% water changes every week or 40% every 2 weeks. Don't worry, Africans are tough little buggers and love a good water change lol.

    Sure sounds like an electric yellow. They are pretty peaceful. The yellow with black stripes sounds like a crabro or saulosi (females are yellow/black, males turn blue/black) but could be others as well.

    Other great tankmates would be more electric yellows, electric blues, various peacocks, and zebras. As stated, make sure you have 3-4 females for every male, or go for a "bachelor tank" of all males.

    Set up a pile of rocks or coral at each end of the tank, and you will have a spectacular setup that you will never grow tired of watching :D

    Source(s): Kept all kinds of freshwater fish for 2 decades, esp African & American cichlids
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    They can live alone. I've had one in my Frontosa tank for a year.. He doesn't mingle with the Frontosas and they stay away from him.

    Source(s): Robert Price, Ph.d, Ichthyology,Cichlid Breeder
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