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I asked this earlier but want a second opinion. I'm 15 and used to self harm ( i still do, just not a often ) and i never got help for it because it was humiliating and my more
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These aren't voices. If you were really hallucinating, you would not be aware that Mosley isn't real. Since you know Mosely is not real, you seem to be fantasizing or made up this question for the fun of it???

If you are being genuine about this, then you do need to get counseling to deal with your feelings and why you created Mosely, cut yourself and are so focused on your weight.


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  • Joy answered 2 years ago
    If you made up Mosely then you can unmake him, particularly so when you know it's not real.

    In psychosis and audio hallucinations you are 100% positive this is solid and real. That is followed by delusions as to who or what the creature is, these are fixed false beliefs that cannot be changed despite lots of hard evidence proving it's not true.

    Mosely can't put a spider in the bed as he's not real and he can't object to anything or do anything to harm you so ignore him until he goes away again. If he appears immediately do something else, loud music on headphones or go swimming.

    You are not hallucinating or psychotic so no one will be able to put you into treatment or hospital.
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  • Scotty answered 2 years ago
    You need to see a therapist or a doctor or something like that because if you dont it will get worse, no doubt. I can understand why you dont want to go and why you dont want to see anyone after being betrayed like that, I dont see anyone and my parents just laughed and took the piss out of me when I told them i had a mental illnes so I can kinda relate but if i got that bad i would see someone and get help, so please see someone because you will regret it fi you dont and it gets worse:(


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  • Ultra Violet answered 2 years ago
    Kind of sounds like bulimia and schizophrenia since you are hallucinating about Mosley. I seriously think you need to talk to some one. Please do, if you don't, it will only get worse.

    Good luck:)
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  • itskayleighjade answered 2 years ago
    Im not a doctor or anything just my opinion.

    but anorexia, is a mental illness, people think it's just a weight problem, but do you feel like you wanna lose weight ?

    but if you don't think you're fat, like most people would say.

    this is definetly a mental problem & if you don't get it sorted out early, it can lead to worse mental health problems, i know it;s hard, as telling my doctor i have voice's in my head telling me too do thing's, was hard because i felt they thought i was crazy, they reffered me too a physcologist but i wouldn't go because i felt they'll probably lock me a way .

    but if i was you i'd tell a doctor because they are NOT allowed to tell anyone, including your parent's as it's private information, my doctor never told my mum, i told my mum once i was ready..

    also im 15, well 16 today..
    so don't feel stupid

    tell a doctor!
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  • Totally answered 2 years ago
    They will not lock you away. That is if you are in a really really bad mental state. Do not listen to Mosely because he is obviously being very rude. You need to eat because otherwise your body will shut down. I would consult your doctor and your doctor will probably have some ideas to get rid of Mosely. Many people dealing with issues have a other "person" there telling them that they are very imperfect. Just remeber, YOU ARE NOT FAT AND YOU ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) EVERYONE is special in their own ways! :)


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  • Roxanna Mapache answered 2 years ago
    It sounds like you have schizophrenia. You may have residual (or the beginning stages of schizo) when you started hurting yourself. The stress of your parents knowing about your cutting and not being to tell anyone may have been too stressful, putting you into full blown schizophrenia to the point where you are having visionary and audible hallucinations. My parents were NOT supportive with my depression and OCD so I had to take matters into my own hands. I had to talk to my counselors. And yes, that stupid counselor told my mom about my embarrassing OCD rituals and I spent a lot of time hiding and being stress but I didn't give up. I made an appointment with my doctor and am now on Prozac and am so happy now. Don't give up.
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  • LaPalma answered 2 years ago
    They won't lock u away!! They'll just give u pills & therapy! Easy!!
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