Can one pick up shortwave radio on a police scanner?

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I'm looking for a police scanner, and I'm looking for a shortwave radio. Do police scanners pick up shortwave? If so, I'd rather just buy the scanner. Which models more
Update : I'm actually looking at a Bearcat BCT8.
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Generally no....... They DO make wide band Communications Receivers but the cost is expensive..... Only the more serious hardcore radio listeners purchase these.....

Here are a couple of models......

The Bearcat BCT8 is a decent VHF / UHF radio, but it does not have the capability of listening to most of the HF band..... It does pick up the 25 to 30 MHZ part of the HF spectrum but theres not much to listen to there.... Some CB radio and a few ham operators and that's it.....

I do suggest this...... If you want to listen to shortwave radio, and VHF / UHF (police) frequency's then purchase 2 radios...... You can save a lot of money doing this....

Here is a nice semiprofessional HF (shortwave) radio.....

If this is a bit rich for your budget then surely look at this model......



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Thanks for the information.
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  • randy answered 2 years ago
    some do but they are very expensive complicated radios, you would be better getting a separate scanner and shortwave receiver.
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  •     answered 2 years ago
    The BCT8 does not receive short-wave broadcasts. There are scanners out there from Icom, AOR, TenTec, and others that are wide band scanners. They do get short-wave but can cost in the thousands.


    Radio Tech
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  • billcroghan answered 2 years ago
    No. SHortwave is 3 to 30 MHz. Scanners work above 30 MHz. Some very expensive highly specialized professional radios may pickup both, but they are not scanners.


    45+ years in radio.
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  • David14 answered 2 years ago
    No. None do.
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