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I have been providing daily meals for an elderly man who has no family for a while now. I really enjoy cooking?

for him and want to continue but my hubby and I will be going on vacation for 10 days in June. This elderly man is very set in his ways, won't even take food out of the freezer to micro, too much effort, lol. I usually make simple things, actually I make extra quantities for dinner and my hubby brings them to him in the morning so he can have them for lunch. He goes to bed by 5pm. I make things like stew, pot pies, chicken cutlets and mashed potatoes, things I know he'll eat. Well here's the question: Any ideas for foods that will keep in the fridge, not freezer for that long. Any ideas how I can care for him while away? He doesn't want meals on wheels, he used to live on turkey sandwiches. Please put on your thinking caps. We've known him for 30 years and he's very dear to us.

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    You could take him with you, if he's willing lol. Otherwise, do you have any close friends of yours that would mind taking care of him?

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    There are various kinds of foods that are already preserved in one way or another that you could use. The most-preserved ones could be saved for the last days (...maybe you could put big notes on each saying which day they're for, or even numbered 1-10 with breakfast, lunch or dinner, or leave him a note for what to eat every day?).

    Preserved foods have usually been dried, smoked, or fermented...or they're in vinegar, brined/have a lot of salt, or have a lot of sugar (all ways that foods have been preserved over history).

    Here are some foods that will last a long time or at least 10 days in the frig, or even in the cabinet, and even sandwiches can be frozen.

    Perhaps you could just have someone deliver a one-time load of stuff from your freezer to his frig, for those last days?


    ...yogurt, cheeses, butter

    ...even sour cream and cottage cheese (especially the individual serving containers

    ...and milk if it's bought with a late date and kept in a cold area of the frig


    whole fruits

    dried fruits

    canned fruits for awhile even open (buy in heavy syrup for extra sugar)

    apple sauce




    batter breads like banana bread, brownies, cupcakes, danishes, cookies, etc

    crackers, pretzels, graham crackers, etc.


    bags of salad, coleslaw, etc


    dried "chip" veggies

    dried soybeans or other veggies from Whole Foods or Asian markets


    smoked salmon

    cooked bacon



    dried sausages

    cold cuts (the ones with lots of preservatives)

    hardboiled eggs (in shell)


    peanut butter and jelly

    pickles, pickled veggies


    mayo, and almost all regular condiments including chutneys

    If he will open cans, that would increase the options a lot too, even if he won't heat them. For example, he could open an individual can of tuna then dump ketchup or mustard in it, etc. Vienna sausages in cans are reasonable, and there are other meats in cans, as well as fruits, veggies that wouldn't be bad cold, etc.

    Also, he might be willing just to take a bowl or plate of something out of the freezer and ONLY HAVE TO put in the FRIG for the next night, but which time it should be nice defrosted. (I guess he'll be eating only cold or room temp foods the whole 10 days if he won't even use the microwave.)

    Will come back in a minute maybe with more. . .


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    8 years ago

    Could you contact a couple of churches in your community to see if there would be any volunteers who would be willing to make meals for him? Friends or family members who would help you? Other community programs? Check with your local nursing homes, some do deliver meals and the cost should be five dollars or less per meal.

    That's all I can think of right now.

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