Sako 95 hunter .223. Thoughts?

So I think I've finally decided what to get. Does anyone have an opinion? Pros and cons?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Do you mean Sako A5/85 Hunter in .223? The 95 is going to be tricky to find and doesn't really do anything better or cheaper than the AR15 or one of the Kalashnikov clones (unless you want to do tactical shooting in Northern Canada / Alaska).

    If you mean the A5 or the 85, those can be great shooting rifles but Sako sells them on their name at an inflated price - not much value there. They are not the superlative equipment that the L61R and other old Sako actions were. The A5 is essentially a more expensive Tikka (which is another great rifle, but not much value there either). Stevens/Savage makes a fine shooting rifle (great value, however, they are butt ugly), I would stay away from Remington until they get their QC issues worked out, Browning makes great guns but, again, not much value. My top choice for value is Weatherby/Howa.

  • 9 years ago

    Get a rifle Made in USA.....

    Remington, Ruger and Savage have fine rifles made here......

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