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Good Stock Choices For This Tank?

I have a 178L long tank running with a heater and two large sponge filters. I cannot put live plants in the tank. It is in a fairly quiet part of the house, in dimmish lighting. I wanted a species tank, and I was thinking Tiger Barbs... Does anyone know of any other active, tropical fish? I was thinking fish with a maximum adult size of 15-20cm.


I am happy to put in fake plants.

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    Emily, Oscars need over 280 litres, a 178 litre is far too small for Oscars! They also get up to 35cm, bigger than the asker wants.

    To the original question, if you don't have any other fish in the tank, a large shoal of Tiger Barbs would certainly look fab. They are not fish that play well with others really and in your tank with Tigers alone you could go with a nice big group of 15-20 of them. They do get up to around only 6-7cm though, chunky with it, but definitely not much larger. That said they ARE active, they are boisterous and are rarely kept in groups large enough for them to actually be contented in!

    Other active shoalers could be Congo Tetras, they get around 6-8cm; Penguin Tetras, they get about 8cm; Odessa Barbs, they get around 8-10cm; Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish which get around 6cm or Black Ruby Barbs which get around 6-8cm. Just one of those species in a really nice big shoal would look fab. They stay smaller than 15-20cm, but very active fish getting larger than 10cm are likely to need more swimming space than your tank allows!

    It's up to you what you decide, they do need hiding places so if you're not going for live plants, you'll have to have alternatives!

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    Tiger barbs are awesome. You cant go wrong with them if you keep six green, six albino and six standard they look Absolutely amazing. I know cos Ive done it before. They are active and keep going at each other all day long and nobody gets hurt cos that's what they are built to do.

    Another nice option is boesmani rainbows, red rainbows or australian blue rainbows. Praecox rainbows are good but stay too small for what you say but my personal favorite is the boesmani kept in a school of 6-8 in that size tank. A larger tank is normally recommended but I think you might get away with it. Feed more frozen foods like bloodworm, brine shrimp etc. and they color up great but tiger barbs are a classic but if you do end up wanting tank mates then its a problem cos you have to be so careful and in my experience most new fish being harassed by hordes of tigers don't really do great unless they are large and aggressive themselves.

    Catx made a good choice with congo tetras. They are brilliant peaceful, colorful, nice good size and add an awesome effect to the tank. Another good option is maybe six redline torpedo barbs.

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    You can get oscars. They are great tropical fish. They don't need plants, as they will eat them. It is best to get a pair, and not an even number because if they couple up then they will fight the others. I have 2 oscars and they are great. They are active and fun to watch. They jump to get their food!

    I have oscars and I love them. They need a big tank to thrive and grow. You have a good size tank for them.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): I have 2 oscars
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