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will Intel core i5 2400 bottleneck a GTX 680 ?

i have a pc with an intel core i5 2400 cpu, quad core, base clk: 3.1 GHz,, Turbo boost: 3.4 GHz.

also Cosair 4GB (2x2GB ddr3) ram.

just wondering if their would be any problems or restrictions using a single GTX 680

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    No it shouldn't at all. Any modern quad core CPU clocked at over 2.8GHz should allow you to get the full performance from the new GTX680. If you are running 64bit Windows 7 then I do recommend you upgrade the RAM to 8GB though, to get maximum performance in games and video editing etc. You can easily buy an extra 4GB RAM of matched RAM [2x2GB] for £35.

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  • 4 years ago

    Please attempt to place up unique hyperlinks to the product rather of %. on the grounds that its no longer attainable to easily 'visualize' it from those %.. Antec 3 hundred can have not to any extent further than 11"/279mm = 27cm long pictures card. Asus GTX 680 is 30cm you could desire to seek for yet another case i assume.

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