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I have a dog who suffers from recurring colitis. I feed her on home-cooked chicken and Royal Canin kibble.?

The vet has prescribed Zantac and has done blood tests on her which have come back negative and yet she is still suffering frequent bouts of colitis - very rumbly tummy, discomfort and jelly-like diarrhoea. Has anyone any ideas?


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    8 years ago
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    I'd get her off the Royal Canin. And for sure, given the protein level of most varieties of this, she doesn't need home-cooked chicken AND the RC. This is meant to be a complete diet.

    I suggest you switch her to something more bland like maybe fish and potato. I have a dog who came to us with Giardia and even after we had negative fecals, was still doing bad stools by the end of the day. In the end, after a course of Hills I/D and an anti inflammatory shot, I started making him home-made fish (coley) and mashed potato. There was an almost instant improvement and I then searched round for a commercially made fish and potato food and found Arden Grange did one called Sensitive diet. Much as it is expensive by comparison to other brands, if it keeps him away from the vet's office, it's worth every penny. I can highly recommend this product which he's been on for over a year now with normal stools virtually all the time.

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    5 years ago

    ~ Can you, yes. Should you, No. Royal Canin is a horribly unhealthy diet for a dog. The ingredients are sub par to high quality dog foods, vets are not so bright when it comes to dog nutrition. Research the dog food for yourself and you will find loads of information that says how crappy Royal Canin is. Also, about home cooking. If you are feeding a high quality diet, you do not need to cook anything. If you do decide to cook, their are a ton of diets and recipes on the net about cooking for dogs. I personally think raw food is MUCH better for dogs then cooked food.

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    8 years ago

    Change the food. I've had bad experiences with RC foods, actually, the prescription foods.

    Go with holistic, grain free. I usually stick to Wellness Core or EVO, but there are plenty of other options out there. The problem with a lot of foods is the over-use of ingredients that aren't natural to a dogs digestive system, do your homework and find something in your price range.

    For me, I could afford $35 a month for a bag of dog food that feeds my two dogs (they're small). know too, that higher quality foods, usually require you feed less.

    The only reason I suggest the food change, is from experience. A friend of mine had her cat on science diet and was feeding boiled chicken and there was no change in the colitis until she stopped the science diet, and switched to the evo chicken/turkey.

    but, that's all I got on that, so I hope it helps.

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