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Do You Think A Goldfish Would Rather Be Kept Alone?

I know about keeping Goldfish, and I have a 55 gallon tank setup specifically so I can get some, but do you think they would rather be kept alone, in pairs, or in groups?


I was thinking maybe a pair out of the same tank in the shop, at the same size so they grow together?

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    I'm so glad to see someone who has the right goldfish setup! A++ my goldies like being together and when I split them appart (only for a short time) they don't move as much and just sort of hang at the top of the tank, I think if you bought one by itself it would be ok but I think they much prefer to have a friend but I wouldn't go more than 2 in a 55G, but again I'm really glad to see someone with a perfect goldfish setup, :)

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    My goldfish always seem to like being with another. I'd get two fancy goldfish :) 55 gallons should be enough and then they will be in a pair :)

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    Goldfish don't care but in that size tank you could keep either a Black moor or 3 Fancy goldfish

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    I have had goldfish for over 30+ years and it has been my experience with my own, that they like to be together in groups but do just as well alone. I had one group that lived for over 16years and when one of them died they all became lethargic. Yet I also had a one that loved being in his own tank and lived to be an old guy. Overall they are socialable fish.

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