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Lethargic Betta, Not Eating?

About two weeks ago I rescued a male Betta from a tiny cup at my LFS. I have experience keeping and breeding Bettas, so I put him in a 5G tank with a filter and a heater. He has places to hide, the filter is on a very low current, and he is offered a small amount of food once a day. Lately, he has just been sitting on the bottom of the tank breathing heavily, and he eats so slowly that I've had to start hand feeding him. He hasn't eaten in the last two days even though I've offered him different kinds of food. He shows no visible signs of illness, just some discolouration (but I assumed this was because of his time in the cup). What could be wrong?


I was thinking of adding some API Stress Coat and using one course of Multi - Cure. Good idea?

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    What could be happening is that the tank is cycling now.

  • honestly ive owned 2 bettas now. and they both have done this at some point in there life. im begining to think they are lonely. i always used to think it was because i needed to clean the bowl and they would be happier. which did help a little but didnt last long

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    the tank may not be cycled yet and he may have ammonia poisoning

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