How to make more money as an exotic dancer?

I've worked for about three weeks now and am "into the flow" of things. My shyness, uncomfortable being touched, etc. are gone.

However - I've had a lot of trouble making money, especially after tip out. I'm not in bad shape and I'm a good dancer (not the best of the best on the pole but I can make it work), and I have a bubbly personality.

When I offer dances (no matter how I go about it, sometimes they'll even buy me a drink and then say no to a dance) they say "no" or "later" or they "don't do that" (and then later I'll see them getting a dance from a different girl)

How can I make more money?

As for those of you who are only going to leave hate comments about my lack of morals, etc. I work three jobs and this is my fourth. I live with my parents, hide it from them, and it is to pay for my big brother's drug therapy so he doesn't become an addict again. I have my reasons and just need help knowing how to make a little more instead of leaving with only 18 or 5 dollars. :(


To add on:

I am not a slut, thank you. When I walk in there (as most dancers will tell you) I am not me, I'm a different person. And I know how to save money - what I'm trying to do is make more.

I don't smoke, I don't live on my own, I don't buy my own food.

I do volunteer, I do work at a grocery store, I do waitress, I do go to school, I do ref for campus rec, I do pay for my own books and classes, I do pay for my big brothers therapy, I do pay my own phone bill, I do pay my own car, I do pay my own insurance.

Please don't belittle me as a person, I already hate myself enough for even doing this. But I'm desperate.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Im not sure how. & I have no problem with strippers. I think prudes should have the shame that sluts currently have.

    But I could give you tips on how to be more frugal.

    To start off here's a list of things many people waste money on: Cigarettes/tobacco products, excess electricity (my electricity use is lower because my house has a white roof which reflects sunlight. I also use flourescent bulbs that use alot less electricity. Those may be a few more dollars at the desk but they are built to last), gas (we sold one of our cars & bought my dad a 26 mpg BMW to replace his energy eating 11 mpg truck), & bottled waters (I use a eco cantine).

    Another money saving activity I've done is online shopping to buy the games, movies, & other products I want. Buying luxury items on Ebay instead of the store is not only cheaper but more patriotic cause when I bought my stuff on Ebay that money went straight to the American selling it & the shipping money went to the truckers. Buffets are also frugal because you can eat alot more food for alot less money than a restaurant.

    A small money making thing I do is recycling metal at my local recycling facility & make $9 everytime I take my full container of crushed cans there. Many people throw away their aluminum & tin cans when they could be making a little money off of them. If you have any books, movies, or games you dont want you can sell them to half price books. If you like pets then one of the most frugal pets out there is a fancy rat. Fancy rats are cheap at the desk, just as smart as a cat or dog, & eat any crap you put in front of them.

    You can get more tips at

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  • Audrey
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    4 years ago

    You'd probably make decent money as a model or a promo-girl. It pays more than waitressing, but not as much as dancing. Depending on how friendly you are to people and what kind of attitude you have as a dancer has a lot to do with how much money you make. I've bought lap dances and VIP room dances from dancers who weren't the hottest ones at the club because they seemed to enjoy what they were doing. If you have good looks and a good attitude you can really rake in the cash. But the "girl in college" reason for stripping is pretty cliche and those girls are in the minority. Most dancers are single-moms or women with some addictive habit. I've also never met a club owner who didn't look like a greasy slimeball.

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  • 8 years ago

    Choose your "customers". When you look at a man, you'll see soon enough how much he desires you. Look at his eyes,body language and you'll see if it's worth the effort.

    Although you're not a slut you should act like one. That's what men expect at strip clubs...sluts. Take a look and you'll see the other girls act like total sluts.

    Seductive sluts...

    Good luck! ;)

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