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help my betta fish is lying on her side at the bottom of the tank and is not eatting. what is wrong with her?

i have a very small betta i got about a year ago she is all white and has bright red fins she has not moved in days . i got a male like 3 days ago and he mad a nest and i put her in and nothing happened IKD whats wrong with her 4 days after that she stopped eating and is not moving she stays at the bottom and dose nothing i feed them both blood worms and ate them like they were going out of stile she did not even try them. PLUS help!!!! ikd what to do i changed her tank i put in conditioner stuff the pet co person said to nothing has helped


I did separate them and i did Research before i got her and i got him after. when i put them together they did nothing to each Other im not stupid i separated them right away when nothing was happening IF U DO NOT HAVE ANY REAL HELP FOR ME DO NOT COMMENT

Update 2:

thanks for the help i gess

i have her in a 3 gallon tank and him in a sepeeret 3 gallen one to. i chang there watter out once a week on friday and befor i put it in i keep it in bottles overnight. i keep them together side by side so its not like i just throw her in a strangers tank well i gess i did kind of we dont have a filter of a heater thing but her ank stays in the 70 80 rang so i dont think she needs it. she has ben ackting a little better i gess she like stands on her tale with her nose up and when she swims she wigles to the top then sinks back down to the bottom if kind of funny to wach

she likes to wach tv thow so i have then in the living room idk if thats bad or not but she likes it she got mad the first day when i put her in my room after i had her in there so i just leve her in the living room with simen my male she likes him i think well sortove lol

she ate some blood worms and betta food today but she did not eat much i think she is getting better

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    I seriously just smacked my forehead. Why do you have Bettas? Why are you trying to breed them?

    First thing is first. Do you buy a car because you drive by it and it looks pretty? No you look at it's price, it's history, you want to know how to keep it in working condition like oil changes, gas, etc.

    So why did you just buy these fish without doing your homework. One thing, your female is going to die now from the stress of being with the male. What size container do you have both of them in? Bet you it is less then 5 gallons right? I'm sorry if I am being mean but I have to make sure you understand the reason this is happening is because of you. I am happy though you are using conditional and using blood worms. Those thing you are doing right but you need to do a little more research.

    Sadly right now all I can give you for advice is move her into her tank and hope she recovers but it honestly sounds like it is too late. Sorry


    Added to your response:

    You stated you put her in with the male tank and nothing about removing her. So this is where I was coming from. She is still dieing if she is laying on her side. Taking a fish out of their enviroment and just throwing her into another enviroment and then back to the old enviroment produces a lot of stress. You need to introduce the fish over time and not instantly. You did some research but you need to do more. It's like picking up a picture book of Red Riding Hood for the first time and trying to get the same knowledge of the story without the words.

    What size tank do you have her in, how often do you change the water and how much of the water?

    Also do you have a heater and filter?


    Edited for new details.

    Usually you want to have a filter as this builds good baterial to allow for ammonia from quickly building up. It could take as soon as 24 hours for ammonia from uneaten food to reach deadly levels of toxicity. When she doesn't eat her food, do you remove the excess? If not, it is probably why she has been sick. She probably got bloated and stopped eating for a day or 2 and causing the uneaten food to build up faster then normal which inturn cause an ammonia spike. Change 50% of the water now and use a chemical called PRIME (only 2 drops). This is your Declor chemical but it also helps lower ammonia, nitrites and Nitrates.

    Generally hobbiest say 5 gallons min for Bettas because a filter can only really work in a 5+ gallon properally. If you don't want to invest in a slightly bigger tank with a filter, I would look into buying the API Ammonia Testing drops so you can check the water every few days to see if your ammonia keeps spiking that way you can adjust how much you feed her and remember to remove anything she doesn't eat. When changing her water weekly, do only 25% at a time as not to cause a tempature spike which can shock her which can easily lead to death.

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    I hope you learned your lesson. This is why we RESEARCH the animals we plan on buying.

    Never, ever, -I repeat- NEVER just throw a male and a female betta in the same tank together. It is extremely irresponsible and potentially fatal to your fish. Do you know ANYTHING about betta breeding? My guess is you don't, so separate the two immediately if you haven't yet. They should each have their own 3-5 gallon tank with a heater and filter. Your female is probably lethargic because she was beaten and chased by the male. She is most likely severely injured, and is slowly becoming infected from the inside out due to poor water quality. If there is any hope for her at all, follow advice about a tank, heater and filter.

    Leave the breeding to the people who have actually researched and properly prepared for it.


    If you researched properly, then you wouldn't be asking such an awfuly basic question. No one called you stupid, but the way you are acting sure shows your maturity.

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  • 8 years ago

    Hey, She's ok! She's just a little worn out today and not *** active it happens to my fish all the time! Tiomarrow she will be all better! Trust me!

    Hope I Helped! From:Emily!

    Source(s): Exparence!/Betta owner
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  • Josh
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    Put her back in her own tank.

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