Cataract operation on a 92 year old?

My mother underwent major surgery last year at the age of 91 and the anaesthetic has given her heart failure which is now being controlled by medication. She has however been diagnosed with cataracts and her eyesight is failing. She has been advised to have the cataracts surgically removed but, as you can imagine, she is worried about subjecting herself to a further operation. We have heard that general anaesthetic will probably not be necessary but we are both worried about the trauma of an eye operation on a lady with heart failure. Can anyone give us some advice? Should we leave it or should we consider surgery? Many thanks in advance.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Having had both cateracts done I can speak from experience. My ops. were carried out by a private company hired by the local NHS as they had an excellent reputation. I totally agree - they were fantastic. The pre-op treatment, which is handed to the patient, must be carried out scrupulously if infection is to be kept at bay. Bathing the eye is done using cotton wool and Johnson's 'No Tears' baby shampoo.

    In the operation itself the eye is anaesthetised,and you are awake the whole time. The problem is you have to lie absolutely still on your back on the operating table for around 15 minutes. That is the hardest part, especially if you get cramp whilst lying still. In that case you simply have to grit your teeth and keep still, otherwise if you move the surgeon will tell you off in no uncertain terms! Whether your mother can handle that is something you will have to discuss with her but she might say, like I did, that the short term discomfort will be rewarded with long term gain.

    The end result was well worth it. I saw grey cubes floating about in the eye being operated upon and suddenly they vanished and I could see the ceiling clearly. Then I had to get used to the fact that all colours and light were dazzling, and I had to wear shades in sunlight until my brain adjusted itself to the new vision. There was a month's gap before the other eye was operated upon.

    Post-op treatment takes 2-3 weeks.

    Hope this will help you make an informed decision.

  • 8 years ago

    I've had 2 cataract surgeries done in the last 5 weeks. It's a very simple procedure. They don't put you out with the anesthesia. You're awake throughout the process. They gave me liquid valium in an iv to calm me and then topical anesthetic. The entire procudure lasted less than 15 minutes each time.

    Have your mother discuss her concerns with her doctor.

    As to whether it would be worth it for her to get the surgery, I would say YES! It's a tremendous blessing to have my sight back. My life and quality of life is better for it.

  • 8 years ago

    Anesthesia does not cause heart failure. It never has. She is 92, and well within her rights to have some health issues. Had her doctor not seen her, then she wouldn't have known about this problem, right?

    She has to decide about this. Usually a strong nerve block is used and she would go home that day. Not the same kind of anesthesia, so she is essentially awake but lightly sedated, no general anesthesia. Sight returns in about one month. There are always risks with any operation so she needs to make her decision.

  • 4 years ago

    they'll only do one eye at a time, as quickly as the inventive and prescient is extra effectual in that eye they'll do the 2nd eye. that's often executed under community anaesthetic yet you won't be able to see out of the attention it rather is being operated on. considering the undeniable fact that's finished under community anaesthetic you go out and in an analogous day. The operation takes approximately an hour or so and you're at living house an analogous day, it rather is a lot extra effectual than it grew to become right into some years in the past. they might use sedation if somebody is very traumatic. His prescription until now the surgical technique will impression the surgeons determination as to if to leave him with an analogous prescription or attempt to get him back to 0 prescription for distance. yet after a pair of days he would be waiting to take the shielding patch off and be waiting to make certain lifelike nicely. as a results of fact the swelling is going down his inventive and prescient will replace slightly. We many times say you've a watch examination 6 weeks after the surgical technique, in an excellent form of circumstances you will only pick examining glasses afterwards.

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    8 years ago

    I went through the same operation, it all depends on if she thinks it's worth getting done and getting her sight back. I'm 19 so obviously I wanted to operation as my eye sight is very important to me, I personally didn't have any problems during the operation, it is a simple procedure and personally feel well worth it

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