Girls wants to take things slow?

So ive liked this girl for a few weeks and she told me she liked me too. But then she told one of her friends (who is also my friend) that she wants to take things slow before goibg ito a relationship. What does this mean and how long should i wait before asking her out?

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    8 years ago
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    if she wants to take things slow and not rush into it.. then let her. the worse thing you could do is force her into it when she's not ready, it just wouldnt work out. you'll know when she's ready to be with you 'officially', it will feel right. just allow things to be casual and friendly with only a hint of flirtatious behavior but nothing outrageous :)

  • Ann
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    4 years ago

    I have a gut feeling by what you explained is true. I think she really means she needs time to move slow. It's not easy being a girl and finding a "good guy". As they say nice guys finish last. She just wants to be sure it has really come true that she found someone so loving. I would say go along with it but you can play safe a few ways... a. Don't put too much of your heart and soul into the relation as you never know there is a possibility she is wasting your time. b. Notice her behavior... is she using you for gifts, dinners, help, etc only?? Actions speak louder than words. Time tells everything, but unfortunately, there is wait and patience is involved.

  • 8 years ago

    i'm a guy,bro and honestly i learned that taking things slow is the right and best way.yeah it stinks that it feels like forever but i realized that the more we rush things,the more they won't be enjoyable and not to mention,we might not want the relationship friends FIRST.cheers

  • 8 years ago

    it means she doesn't want to rush into a relationship too soon, wait about a few weeks or a month and see how she feels about you then.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    depends upon the girl

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    no, women are supposed to want to take things with guys fast since vice versa is the case.

    guys should be getting heterosexual foreplay and sex with women as quickly as within the first several hours if he wants to do it with her that fast, and she should be perfectly ok with that.

    sexual repression and prudishness are wrong because they can only cause more harm than good. if anything, there needs to be more foreplay and sex between guys and women in this world, not less of it.

    women are supposed to need foreplay and sex with guys just as much, immediately, frequently, urgently, intensely, and casually as vice versa.

    women are supposed to sexually prefer guys over women since vice versa is the case.

    also, heterosexual foreplay and sex between men and women IS a need.

    the reason there's so much unhappiness and so many problems in this world is because of a LACK of heterosexual foreplay and sex between guys and women.

    if women are so caring, loving, compassionate like they like to claim that they are, then they WILL give guys foreplay and sex immediately and casually if they know those guys are horny and miserable without it, and they won't give them a hard time or make them jump through any hoops in the process.

    and heterosexual foreplay and sex between guys and women should be happening whether it's inside or outside of marriage, and whether it's casual or it's within a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

    since women don't have to workout or be fit like jillian michaels from the biggest loser in order to be sexy to guys(in fact, there's MANY full-figured and semi full-figured women who don't workout at all and are not fit at all that are mega-sexy to guys, even sexier to guys than jillian michaels is), vice versa shouldn't have to be the case either.

    so since most women aren't toned like jillian michaels yet many of them are sexier to guys than jillian michaels is, that must mean, by logic, that many guys should be sexy to women even if they don't have 6 pack abs, so there should be many guys who are mega-sexy to women based on looks alone who don't workout at all and who aren't fit at all but are sexy to women, even sexier to women that guys who workout all the time and have 6 pack abds, since again, vice versa is the case.

    guys shouldn't have to supplement themselves with gestures or status just for women to sexually want them since vice versa isn't the case. he alone and him just approaching women for it and being open and honest with his need for heterosexual foreplay and sex with her and any other women he's sexually into should be enough, that's the only effort the guy should have to make in order to get heterosexual foreplay and sex with women.

    human beings are better than animals and are a higher form of life than animals, so unlike male animals, male human beings shouldn't have to prove themselves or fight anyone just get sexual with members of the opposite sex within their own species.

    animals fight each other for sex, but human beings are better than that. with human beings, fighting should only be for fun and for sport, getting to have foreplay and sex with members of the opposite sex shouldn't be relevant to it at all.

    and women need to understand that heterosexual foreplay and sex is a need and them depriving guys of it is wrong if those guys don't deserve to suffer. if he has a girlfriend and was flirting with and trying to pick up on another woman or women after he agreed to go steady with his girlfriend, then sure, maybe he should suffer for a while, but then after that while is up, she should forgive him and continue to give him heterosexual foreplay and sex again as their relationship maintains.

    if women are so compassionate, they will give guys sexual opportunities with them immediately and frequently as long as those guys don't deserve to suffer.

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