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Why does Google Earth have areas covered by a chequerboard pattern?

I have OS-X version 10.5.8. In years gone by, GE worked fine. Now, large areas of the globe have a pattern of squares, with each square comprising a pattern of still smaller squares. The patterns are different shades of cerise. (Yes, I had to Google that. Any other bloke would call it pink.) Also, I've downloaded several times, but it always seems to finish up with version, even though I checked the box for version 6.2. Anyone come across this?


Thank you Keegan, very helpful. BTW, the government agency called. Your brain won't be ready for another week.

I mean, is there a technical issue with the program or the computer?

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    its very expensive to get pictures off of satellites maybe they cover large swaths ocean with a little pink squares to save money. it might also be an order from a government agency to not show certain things on the ground

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  • 5 years ago

    things they dont want us to see

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