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Cats hate each other after the vet?

They are siblings & go to the vet together for their annual exams. They are within each other's sight the whole time. They hiss at each other & act suspiciously when we get home. Nothing major, it was cute the first time it happened but the pissiness seems to last longer every time. They are fine with me. Do I just wait it out? It's a matter of a few hours then they are buddies again. I think I need to mask the vet odor when we get home. I wonder if their scented grooming spray would help? Any other suggestions would be great.

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    Cats recognise each other by scent more than eyesight. All cats come home smelling different after being at the vets, and they simply don't recognise each other's scent when they first get home. You could try using their scented grooming spray on them so that they both smell of something less intimidating than the vets. Feliway might also be a good alternative. You could spray the interior of their carrier(s) with it before you take them to the vets. Not only should it help them feel more relaxed, but it would mask the vet smells with a "happy" scent. (Feliway mimics the scent found in their facial glands).

    If they are calming down within a few hours, then I wouldn't worry too much. As cats aren't pack animals they don't have a wide range of submissive behaviours, so once fighting starts there's no way for them to call off the hostilities. If they're still behaving aggressively towards each other by the following morning, then you may need to separate them completely and re-introduce them as if they were total strangers. These articles have advice you might find helpful.



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