Ladies why do you feel so angry/threatened by men who want woman to have equal accountability?

Its only right! If a woman is to get paid the same wage as a man she should have to share an equal workload/working conditions and rules. Alimony should be equal between both men and woman. Woman shoul not get lighter punihments for the same crime as men and family law and divorce should not be biased towards men. Woman should not be pressumed innocent all the time or be turned into the victim when she commits a horrible act. Woman also need to be held socially accountable as well a woman who does not want traditional female gender roles should not demand a man should stick to his. All State aid that is givin to single mothers sould be givin to single fathers. woman with low incomes should not call a man with the same income a loser and double standards should be equally fought not just the ones against woman. Healthcare funding by the government needs to be equal but more money is dumped into womans health advancements. Education needs for boys should get the same attention as girls education.

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. Work wages should be fair to both sexes. No one is expected to do less or more work for equal pay.

    2. Alimony is only when a person has been financially dependent on the other, and suddenly has no income.

    3. This I have seen, especially for sexual offenses involving minors. The courts will let a pretty girl get away with sickening things that men don't.

    4. Yes, single parent aid should be equal, no matter what gender.

    5. Healthcare funding is for both men and women: preventative care like prostate exams, mammograms, etc. The thing is, you only hear about reproductive issues because some people want to take that healthcare away from women.

    So, all in all, you have very good points.

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