Ladies why do you feel so angry/threatened by men who want woman to have equal accountability?

Its only right! If a woman is to get paid the same wage as a man she should have to share an equal workload/working conditions and rules. Alimony should be equal between both men and woman. Woman shoul not get lighter punihments for the same crime as men and family law and divorce should not be biased towards men. Woman should not be pressumed innocent all the time or be turned into the victim when she commits a horrible act. Woman also need to be held socially accountable as well a woman who does not want traditional female gender roles should not demand a man should stick to his. All State aid that is givin to single mothers sould be givin to single fathers. woman with low incomes should not call a man with the same income a loser and double standards should be equally fought not just the ones against woman. Healthcare funding by the government needs to be equal but more money is dumped into womans health advancements. Education needs for boys should get the same attention as girls education.

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is very tough to answer, but I am behind you 110%. If the girl wants the guy to buy her stuff and have her live like a princess, then don't be pissed when he asks you to clean the house or cook. Same goes as social, dating, work settings. If the guy pays one date, the girl should pay the other. If the guy does a favor, she should return it. If the girl wants the same wages, then she should do an equal amount of work. That's equality. If the guy supports the girl, buys her everything, and the girl sits around all day, then she shouldn't get pissed when he asks her to do housework. Guys have feelings too, we can't spend our whole lives tending to girls, we want to live too, we want to be treated well, it's a two lane street. Most women don't understand this, yet they want "equality." I have a girl, I drive, I made the first move, she wants me to treat her well, yet she sometimes acts like a queen. Yeah we have fights, yeah we make up, that's life. Society favors women, they are weaker, we are the dominant gender, so we suffer. Women need to get the wake up call and realize that this is not the middle ages with chivalry, it is the 21st century, we are all equal.

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  • 8 years ago

    As a lady, I, for one, don't feel any anger nor do I feel threatened by "equal accountability". I typically avoid men vs. women discussions like this, and I don't want to negate the advances made by women who fought very hard to assure certain fairness for women, but I will say that much of the social and legal rules were set up by men, not women. Blame them. Men were the majority in the courts and boardrooms when these one-sided "standards" and biases were initiated or enacted. Perhaps they had their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and daughters in mind when making these decisions.

    Unfortunately, some modern-day men have been boxed into a corner by forefathers who put themselves in these stronger roles. There are still some men who would be embarrassed or ashamed to receive alimony from a woman. It's not always the woman's doing. Women firefighters, for example, would probably care less about whether a man would want to be a nail technician. I highly suspect that if anyone had a problem with it, it might be another man.

    Yes, there are some women who are guilty of playing the weaker sex-card and manipulate lighter workloads, etc. to their advantage. But there are some men who are guilty of doing the same things with a different strategy--getting something equal while not giving the same effort. And, yes, there are some women who are guilty of attacking a man's pride, ability to provide, or using a double standard on him when she's angry. But that's "that" woman. She's not indicative of all women. Those kind of attacks are just mean and shows someone who's a hot-head and incapable of adult discussions.

    I think serious, smart and fair women just want simple fairness and pay because they ARE putting out equal work. They don't want to see women put on a pedestal nor do they want to see men underfoot...beneath their 3-inch heels.

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  • Terry
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    8 years ago

    Truthfai For some one who says she does not get into issues or arguments about men vs women and then went on to bash men for some considerable time, then finish off with the snide remark about men being under your three inch heels.

    Does not go down very well with men who do actually did think that women had a raw deal in the past. At 81 years old I remember how women fought, I might add very bravely for equality. I think they have achieved most of what they set out to achieve. But unhappily the results I feel have now divided the two sex's into a a new and more nasty confrontation.

    And that is who is the superior sex, who is the weaker sex . We see here every day the two sexes really abusing each other , and only causing more and bitter feelings , I think over the years men and women are growing more and more apart as the contempt for each other grows,

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  • 8 years ago

    got no idea, i don't feel threatened and i do feel that gender shouldn't matter. single parents no matter their gender should get help by state aids if they qualify. there should be men shelters for battered men, something i have always thought should exist.

    why do men still think that women are less able to do a job and therefor get paid pennies on the dollar less than a man who does the exact same job?

    gender is so superficial, it means absolutely nothing in the end to me.

    sadly, rarely is life fair and anyone who ever promised you that was lying. in the court of law it comes down to money, who has the best paid lawyers.

    gender rolls are silly, men are just as capable as any woman. the only differences comes with biology that states that women bear the children. otherwise they are exactly the same. some men are even able to breast feed their babies.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I am a woman and I agree with those men. I want equal rights, and that includes equal accountability. Nothing you said sounds threatening or angering to me.

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  • 8 years ago

    Most of the comments below will tell you that MANY women totally agree with you.

    But, man, you are protesting something that has roots that go THOUSANDS of years back in time!

    All these things take time. Luckily for us, we are progressing at such a high exponential rate that we approach equality faster and faster everyday.

    But, unfortunately, that tendency is much like a asymptote (look that up if you don't know).

    Me personally, I am not angry at the men. I'd like to see chivarly revived, but I want to progress. So I would comprise for equal accountability.

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  • 8 years ago

    That was a gross generalization. I agree with most of what you said, and guess what? I'M A WOMAN.

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