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Tips On Washing Aquarium Gravel?

Just interested in the steps people take to get sparkling clean gravel. When you bring a bag of gravel home from wherever you get it, what is your method for cleaning it?

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  • Akeath
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    8 years ago
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    I take it outside with a bucket and hose it down. I start by putting just a little bit in the bucket at a time and rinsing that until the water runs clean (which takes quite a while). Then I gradually increase the amount, constantly stirring the gravel with my hand as I hose it down. It takes several rinses and pouring out the water until the water runs clear, then it is clean enough to put in the aquarium. For regular maintenance, I use a gravel vacuum once a week to clean any detritus out of the gravel.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Rinse in a bucket, stir the gravel , dump water, and repeat until clear.

  • blecha
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    4 years ago

    im uncertain how plenty you will go with yet considering play sand is so much less costly (exceedingly whilst in comparison with gravel!) you need to purchase extra desirable than you desire. you are able to consistently return unused bags for money back. yeah, dont concern approximately it hurting the clear out or something. ive had my sand inadvertently stirred up and cloud my tank some cases, and my clear out intake is barely approximately 8" above it. stumbled on purely a sprint of sand interior the clear out yet no injury at each and all of the cories would be happy of the exchange as they prefer to root in the process the sand :) btw, the clear out that got here along with your tank is only stated as HOB (hold close on lower back) lol EDIT: i only observed your different question approximately sand. dont purchase that high priced stuff on the puppy shops. only pass to domicile progression save and get it. i've got been given mine from lowes. one bag became way too plenty for my 15 gal i had plenty left over oh yeah dont concern approximately it turning green because of the fact the cories will save it became by rooting by it so algae wont rather have of project aside from on larger products

  • 8 years ago

    I cut small slits in the bottom and sides of the bag and one big opening on the top. I put the faucet in the big opening on the top and turn on the sink. Let the water run until the water coming out of the bottom of the bag is clear. TaDa!

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  • 8 years ago

    first you rinse it out under running water a few times, then i leave it in a bucket of water for a few days, by doing this most of the dirt should float up to the surface. then you wash it in a bucket of hot water to kill any unwanted bacteria, one more rinse and its ready to use.

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