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Can you help me come up with names for a story????? Plz help!!?

Ok I need a first name and last for each of these personalities:

Nice, sweet, delicate girl

Pretty, popular, sad, unhealthy girl

Beauty-queen, popular, rude, teaser, cheerleader

Pretty, cheeky, risk taking, crazy (in a fun good way)

Ugly, popular, rude, fun

Scary, pretty, secret, mature, naughty

Nice, pretty, crazy, stresser

Fat, selfish, pretty, smiley, cheerful

And a last name for Vanessa. Btw this Vanessa girl is rude mean ect could you think up some other bad stuff she could do? Thx for answers❤❤💋


I'm Australia and I love Japan ok that was random☺

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    1st- Jessica or Casey

    2nd- Angelica(Angie) or Lauren

    3rd- Brittany or Sydney

    4th- Sheila, Alissa, Diana, or Alex

    5th- Crystal

    6th- Jennifer or Isabella

    7th- Amber or Cindy

    8th- Wendy or Lucy

    mmmmm... a last name for Vanessa?.... idk, Park, Averoff(my great great grandparent's last name)... or maybe Sims? i think Park is the best but is up to you :D

    Source(s): i don't know a lot about american names because I'm Japanese but i just put my friend's names according to the description :)
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    Melissa Crowe. Tamara Russo. Megan Turner.

    Joanna Lovett. Lydia Archer. Stacy Edwards.

    Jessica Caldwell. Jennifer Skye. Kelly Armstrong.

    Lucy Andrews. Abby Walsh. Sabrina Irons.

    Kelsey Walker. Mary Anne Hunter. Leslie Matthews.

    Gigi Morasco. Sasha Mendosa. Veronica Sway.

    Heidi Novosky. Kimberly Parker. Marsha McQueen.

    Harper Valley. Brenda Strong. Alaina White.

    Vanessa Waters. Vanessa Drake. Vanessa Argento.

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    I don't know why people think names come from personalities, they are just names, not like your parents waited 17 years for you to mature and give you a name that corresponds to your personality. Names are names, open a year book and choose 10

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    karen lowe

    nicole craig

    linda paris

    karis maire

    shye louve

    scarlett rouge

    eliza sims

    betty youth

    vanesa johnston

    Source(s): just made them up from their traits.
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