Anxiety about my first MRI scan...?

I'm due to have my first MRI scan of the Thoracic Spine tomorrow. I have generalized anxiety disorder, and I'm on Valium for it. I will be taking 10mg of Valium 30 minutes before the scanning starts. This is the problem: In an MRI, they tell you to be still. Now, when I'm anxious, I get restless, and I move. Then, they say DO NOT move, it makes me more anxious, and the chances of me moving are even higher because of the anticipation.

3 Questions are of great importance to me here. Please answer them to the best of your knowledge and experience.

1.Valium is very mild. I do have a small supply of 1mg Ativan.

Should I take one of those instead or combine it WITH the Valium?

2.Can they strap you down with restraints so you can't move?

3.For a simple, basic MRI of the Thoracic Spine (T1-T12), with no IV or IM sedation, no dye, no contrast, how long will the procedure take?

I've been told minimum 20 minutes.

Any chance of it being done in under 20 minutes?

Thanks for your time.

I have so much bloody anxiety about this! lol

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's not a big deal. When I went for my MRI (Shoulder + Spine) I got a little claustrophobic - afterall they put you in this big hole - okay it's more like a doughnut. Initially I grew restless, moved a lot so they got me out - twice - and had to reset everything. I did not use their headphones because the machine is loud anyway and the compression (headphones) wasn't helping much.

    Then I focussed on the open end of the machine - further back than my head. I kept looking at it and eventually fell asleep. Got up just in time as they were finishing their exam.

    So don't be anxious about it, if it helps, you could do the same as I did - focus on the open end.

    Source(s): In any case it's better than an endoscopy.. or a prostrate exam :D
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