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What's your thoughts on Open Relationships/Open Marriages?

For those who don't really know what an Open Relationship is: it is a relationship in which both partners want to be together but agree that having sex with others is acceptable or tolerated. This means that infidelity (cheating) doesn't exist in this type of relationship.

So in other words: both partners have more freedom in an open relationship

Couples in an open relationship seem to be more honest to each other than "regular"couples in regards to what they want and their needs. Their relationship also seem to last longer than others but it could be hard for both of them not to get jealous sometimes.

It's said that men are more against the idea of an open relationship than women are. Probably because women have more to gain from it than men.

Bonus question 1: Why do you think some people choose for an open relationship?

BQ 2: Have you ever been in an open relationship? If yes than how was it? If not than would you consider entering one in the (near) future?

BQ3: What if your partner tries to convince you to start an open relationship?

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    I've been in an open relationship. Cheating IS definitely possible. In an open relationship you have to communicate well. You have to set up rules for what both of you are comfortable with (how much you should be telling your partner about the other people, when it's okay to have sex with others, veto powers, etc.). It gets complicated, and anything that goes outside of those rules is cheating.

    I like the dynamic of an open relationship because I don't believe in possessiveness. Plus, by necessity it's a relationship where you communicate a lot. I don't think it's any more stable than a traditional relationship, though. It's more complicated, and there can be a LOT more drama when you have two people that also have separate dating lives. You can't just let things develop naturally: you have to be talking about the status of your relationship and have hard conversations all the time.

    It is more honest in my opinion, though. And I think it's more evolved to be able to say "I love you, but I don't own you. You have your own life, your own desires, and the freedom to do anything you want." I mean, it's hypocritical in my opinion to not like when your partner is jealous when you check someone out, if you allow yourself to be jealous too. You're either against people limiting each other in that way or you're not. I'm against it. I don't let myself get into relationships where people think they own me. I just don't think it's healthy or realistic to try to make one person be your everything for you.

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  • 4 years ago

    Ok, at the same time i'm sure you aren't thinking of an open marriage, it certainly is in your mind or else you would not have asked such thoughtful questions. And at the same time i am not suggesting you convert your beliefs, for any individual, there may be nothing within the bible (assuming your Christian, that precludes having an open marriage rather then the requirement to deal with your other companion as you may you husband and that you're making such commitments to him as good. Actually in the course of the old and new testaments (although so much fewer in the new) more than one better halves are regularly the norm. Monogamous marriage simplest came into being a couple of hundred years B.C. As a social follow of the Greco-Roman generation and adopted a few hundred years A.D. By way of the Christian faith. Monogamous marriage is a doctrine of the Christian church buildings, now not the bible. And monogamous marriages are nonetheless within the minority of cultures global. It has gotten any such dangerous repute from the abuses which were illustrated with the aid of the FLDS Mormon church (which is criminal and now not steady with any Christian teachings). Now I will have to let you know, for full disclosure, that i have been in an open marriage for more than 33 years and with my other companion for greater than 12 years. Both relationships are loving and dedicated and, incidentally, both ladies have turn out to be satisfactory acquaintances. The foundation for an open marriage is Open and full communications, honesty, trust, relationship equality, and acceptance that different emotional (and loving) relationship are anticipate to improve and should be planned for in order that it is going to now not adversely have an effect on the relationship you've got. However one needs to fully grasp that if a marriage opens up, it's going to not ever absolutely close again, even supposing the 2 of you pick by no means to be non-monogamous again. So, such as you, if there is any expectation that that is just an experiment and you simply want it for the experience then do not do it. It is a lifetime commitment whether it is proper for you because it was once for me.. Open relationships aren't very common both. Just one.5% to 7% of adults (relying on the learn) determine themselves as being in an open relationship and most effective a percentage of that population is married. And sure it was once my future wife that brought the discipline up. I did not take to it correct away. I frolicked to realize what it an open marriage could be (about 6 months) before I grew to understand it and agree. Back then (pre-web) it was once very intricate to search out expertise. And though you didn't ask... Extra ladies prefer initiate open relationships/marriages than men. And, open marriages tend to last for much longer than average marriages but the examples are rarer in view that it is only a small section of the U.S. Adult population. I am hoping i have given you the understanding you wanted (each the nice, the bad)

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  • 8 years ago

    My personal thoughts, I don't agree with it however, they obviously did and they are fine with it. It is their marriage not mine.

    The thing is, is open relationships are a bit more complicated than one might think, the couples DO NOT get to sleep around with who ever and when ever they want. They actually set up many rule and set boundaries, communication is a must and the partner has to approve of who their significant other is sleeping with. Though I and many others would see what they are doing as constant cheating they don't to them cheating would be if their partner developed feelings for another individual, and from there it gets way complicated.

    Like I said I personally don't agree with them and don't see the point in them but, I have seen them here is an example: I see it with some military couples Hubby and wife have an agreement when deployment is happening hubby gets to sleep with other people and so does the wife. The rules they have to approve of the person their spouse is going to sleep with, it is only allowed during deployment and when deployment is over they stop and go as a normal married couple. Again weird to me but hey it works for them.

    BQ1: I don't know, maybe so they never get bored, they feel it adds spice, they feel it helps their marriage, or they're just kinky people that way.

    BQ2: NO, and NO. I couldn't I'm not a sharing person like that, and I could not do that to my husband and he agrees with me, we don't see the point of getting married if you're going to be sleeping with other people that's what your pre-married times were for (playing the field)

    BQ3: Hypothetically, if he asked it would change everything and I honestly would think he wanted to or has cheated, I know I would be affected and it would mess with my head in the end turning into a divorce.

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    I am all for it. In fact, I had posted a similar question, a few days ago.

    I think its a breath of fresh air, and you dont have to cheat either.

    I think all marriages should be open.

    I really wouldnt care if my wife/gf slept with other men. I am not a jealous type of person.

    BQ1: They are people like me, they want to enjoy a variety in life, they dont want life to become boring and stale. They dont want to cheat, either. I think honest, but fun loving people opt for open marriages.

    BQ2 : No, all my past girlfriends were REALLY against open relationships, and they called me immoral and disgusting even when I mentioned it to them.

    I am trying to convince my present gf, to make our relationship open, but she is not relenting.

    I am very much open to the idea of a open relationship in the future.

    BQ3 : I would agree, of course.

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  • My thoughts on the matter? Open relationships are NOT real relationships but just excuses to sleep around and to run away from responsibilities.

    Those who choose such solutions are just childish cowards with no principles whatsoever.

    Nope, I've never been in such an idiotic type of relationship and never will.

    He wouldn't be my partner anymore; since I pick smart men with solid principles only though such a thing would never happen to me.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    fine with it - it is up to the people involved

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