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Will Dwarf Tree Frogs Eat Small Fish And Shrimp?

I was just considering them as another option to help give my Dwarf Green Tree Frogs even more variety in their diet. If they do accept them, will they be fine to have them as a staple food in their diet (which already includes crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers)?

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    I really doubt that your tree frogs will eat fish and shrimp.

    These are items you may want to avoid as they are often cultured in outside ponds, which often get inhabited by wild frogs (ie American Bullfrogs and other species). You could potentially be giving them Chytid Fungus from the cross contamination. Chytrid can live for 3 months in a wet/damp environment without an amphibian host to feed on.

    Fish should also rarely be used to feed frogs, as they are insectivores and their diet should be mostly insects and annelids.

    Mealworms should also be removed from your frogs diet. These have been known to cause ulcers in the frogs stomach from the mealworms bites which can eventually lead to death.

    Grasshoppers should also be avoided unless you are fortunate enough to live somewhere where you can get a Captive Bred source for them. They should never be fed if they are Wild Caught.

    A better option would be to look into feeder roaches. These are one of the best "staple diet" menu items available. They are easy to culture and there are many species to choose from. Dubia is a favorite among many keepers, as are Discoid, Red Runners/Turkistan, Lobster, etc....

    Other good food sources are

    Waxworms (very easy to breed)




    Pheonix Worms

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    With the nitrite and nitrate, was once there a mistake by hook or by crook? You will have to have 0.20 ppm of NITRATE which is perfectly average. Nitrite is one of those deadly chemical substances that you have to have 0 of so if this isn't a typo your frogs may just very well be loss of life from nitrites. Frogs are very touchy to what goes into their water, they have got flesh no longer protective scales. Have you ever put any treatment into the aquarium i.E copper founded? How about any dosages of Aquarium, no longer speakme about Marine, Aquarium salt. Frogs will die beautiful speedily with salt within the water. Do you see your frogs go to the outside each 15-20 minutes for air? They should go up as a minimum each 20 or so minutes for air, if they do not see them getting air so much then you have bought too tall of an aquarium. This will also be countered with 1-2 airstones so they can oxygenate the water. Do they appear bloated? No longer the swelling of loss of life but like Dropsy swollen? I have an understanding of you said there was nothing visibly flawed however as you recognize, male's are skinny and tiny, there was no pot-bellies? Dropsy will make them drift excessively. Frogs have anything classified as a "Zen-mode" the place they fortunately just stretch out their legs and quite simply glide on the high of the tank for hours at end. So floating is usual. Did you get the male frogs at Petsmart or Neptunes? Because if the 2 adult males got here from the same tank you would often simply blame it on a sickness or unwell aquarium from petsmart. Besides that you don't know how historic these 2 males have been in a uncared aquarium. Sorry if this doesn't helps but... If you happen to do plan on buying more men they usually begin breeding you'll be able to ought to keep a close eye on them. The male will chase and take hold of the feminine by way of the hips, they are going to do some loopy summersaults all over the place the aquarium as the feminine tries to throw the male off. Have your web or a cup, equipped. They female will go to the surface and deposit the eggs in clusters or 2's and three's, the Platy fish will definetly go after the grey eggs, they are the scale of a pinhead. Scoop them out gently and quickly as that you would be able to and have both a floating breeder field or seperate aquarium where which you could place these eggs. What I did was once scoop out the eggs and put them on the leaves of a large anubias plant in a 5 gallon nursery. Then I put very mild current on the eggs with an airstone. They will hatch relatively speedy. Youngster frogs are not able to chunk so you are going to ought to develop them insuforia or purchase a micro food for brand new frogs at a area of expertise pet store or else they're going to starve and die off.

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