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Do You Think A Hygrometer Is Absolutely Necessary For A Frog Tank?

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    9 years ago
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    That all depends. Are you buying them (frogs) from a pet store? I had a frog tank with gravel on the bottom and a few plants and a plant water catcher for the pond. My frogs survived perfectly happy, no heat lamp or anything, except winter when i put them closer to my bedroom lamp which probably didn't do anything except give them light. A hygrometer is definitely not absolutely necessary, but if the frog is store brought it may have different needs. (I raised mine from tadpoles in the wild so they were used to the outside weather and such).

    Source(s): I have raised many tadpoles into adulthood. They were perfectly healthy too.
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    Yes, I do. Frogs have very specific humidity requirements and you can't guess on has to be measured. Air Conditioning and Heating both dry out the air in your house.

    You may get away without it, but if you want to be spot on with conditions and have the healthiest frogs possible, you really need the hygrometer. The source of the frogs is of no consequence in this decision. Whether they are wild caught or captive bred doesn't change their requirements.

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