Is Steam/Valve slowly turning into one of those obscure Asian game companies that makes games like...?

...maplestory, combat arms, silkroad online, gunbound, etc... e.g. nexon is just one I can think of
Update: It seems like their quality of games is going down, and they are focusing more on making money through silly methods like hats in tf2 or selling non-game software soon
Update 2: The new counter strike still uses the old, slightly improved, source engine. The gameplay is still the same.
Update 3: The new tf2 update is lackluster.. the gameplay is nothing new... css has had server mods for years the resemble it (zombie bot mod anyone?)
Update 4: Dota 2 is the perfect example of this obscure-Asian-company-that makes-games-no-one-cares-about path they are heading down.. who even plays Dota 2? WoW, League of Legends, etc.. has already done it
Update 5: Also, they can't count to 3
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