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My German Shepherd is very aggressive?

I currently have this 1.5 year old German Shepherd dog who is very aggressive. He has been aggressive since he was a puppy. He's very loving and loyal to me and my family, but not so nice towards others.

He will pounce on the window and barks like crazy at anybody passing by our house, and he growls and flares his nostrils if he hears someone outside. It's been so stressful because I can't even take him out now because he's very big and I will be dragged.

Last time I tried to take him for a walk with my cousin, he was trying to get to her and I was holding him back and his nails were getting chipped and sanded off by the cement to the point of bleeding.. but he still wouldn't stop (I use a muzzle whenever i take him out). One time my cousin went up to him while he had his muzzle on, he kept trying to jump and get at her face and was smashing into her with his mouth.

I do not think he's fear aggressive because he lunges at people and wants to bite/kill them. Usually when he's barking at someone, his tail is wagging.

When i let him out into the backyard to do his business, I have to tie him to a long leash because in the past he has bitten my neighbor's dog from under the fence.

He's not used to my Auntie so whenever she comes over, we have to put him in another room. But the thing is my dog has seen her numerous times but he is still aggressive towards her.

So I'm wondering how to help him to become more friendly and less uptight about everything.

P.s. He hasn't been neutered.. But i'm not sure how i can bring him to the vet without killing people..


The comment stating that I let my dog act this way, well i usually say "No" or Pull his leash, and if he's dragging me on walks I walk the other way on purpose but then he just starts pulling again.

Is that the way I'm supposed to stop him or let him know that it's bad behavior? because it doesn't seem to be working.. and I don't have any ideas.

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    Trainer, trainer, trainer! Shepherds will always be naturally wary of strangers but it seems he has very little social skills. How much exercise does he get daily? Shepherds need TONS of exercise (physical and mental) which can also be cause of aggression. Get him fixed, to a trainer and make up an exercise plan. PS DON"T listen to idiots who talk about dominance crap, its been proven that dogs do NOT display dominance tendencies and could lead to you having your face torn off..

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    Your German Sheperd is like this because he must of never been properly socialized when he was a puppy. Like all dogs, they have to be exposed to things such as strangers, friendly animals, loud noises, etc. If not it can lead to temperament problems. So because he is not used to strangers he becomes fear-full of them and will try to attack them.

    The other reason could be that he may not of been trained. German Shepherds are not the average dog, they have to be trained and learn new things every day. If you dog does not know basic obedience such as sit, stay, etc then he will not know that what he is doing is wrong. I suggest teaching your dog basic obedience by using the positive reinforcement method. You have to remember that German Shepherds are very protective of there pack and if you do not teach them from wrong to right then there will be greater problems down the road.

    Also neutering will stop him from marking his territory, trying to escape so he can mate, and may lower his aggression. However it will not change his personality and will not cover up his neglect of being socialized. You will still need to train him obedience lessons. Neutering is highly recommended though.

    P.S You should never ever buy/adopt a dog if you do not know much about there breed.

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    That is a very tough thing to deal with,but neutering would be the best for everyone. And to get him to the vet without him hurting anyone look up some calm medication for your dog, and put a muzzle on him and take him to the vet to get neutered.

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    You have spoiled your dog. You have not cared when he was very young. Once dog is in barking habits, no one can stop it. If possible keep him with leash, walk with your GS early in the morning and put him on more exercises. Always keep his water pot full. Order him to shut up when he unnecessarily barks and if he does not stop drench him by throwing a glass of water on him and again ask him if he does not stop an other glass will come. Within days he will be OK. If it fails, there must be a corner in house where this dog don't like to stay, leave him there and ask to shut up By the time he will learn that if he does not stop barking he will be drenched or tide in that corner, he will stop it, otherwise dogs are supposed to bark. GS are watch dogs and if they don't bark on stranger what is Fun to keep them. For fun sake there are other breeds.

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    Neutering will not change his personality- it merely keeps him from reproducing. Unfortunately, at this date, there isn't a whole lot that can be done, other than to continue to keep people safe by putting him away when visitors come over and muzzling him on walks. He does need to be neutered and kept current on his rabies vaccines. Call your vet and explain the situation. They see it more often than you will think and will give you a mild sedative to give to your dog before the surgery and you will have to bring him muzzled to the vet.

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    He acts that way because you allow it.

    ADD: Whatever you have to do. There are no rules when it comes to stopping aggressive behavior. Kick him, hit him, hang him, club him on the head with a bat.....whatever level of stimulation it takes for him to respect YOUR authority rather than behave like an ***.

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    1: neuter him! put a muzzle on him and take him to the vet.

    2: get a reputable dog trainer to help you with your dog, before he hurts someone and has to be put down.

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    Nutering him is the only way to go. Use the muzzle when you take him to the vet and make sure they know that he has to get in as fast as possible. Good luck

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