Celebrities with the name Charlotte?

Hi, could anyone please name some famous celebrities with the name Charlotte? They can be actress's or musicians. But I can't think of one properly famous celebrity with the name Charlotte. Make a list if possible.

More names = easy full points

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  • 8 years ago
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    Charlotte Church

    Charlotte Ross

    Charlotte Hopkins

    Charlotte Merz

    Charlotte Blunt

    Charlotte Bova McRobbie

    Charlotte Dale

    Charlotte Greenwood

    Charlotte Kaletta

    Charlotte Karlinder Kusmagk

    Charlotte Kerr

    Charlotte Leavitt

    Charlotte Lombard

    Charlotte Lyses

    Charlotte Mangum Wincott

    Charlotte Nilsson

    Charlotte Ohlsson

    Charlotte Rampling

    Charlotte Ayanna

    Charlotte Lewis

    Charlotte Rae

    Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Charlotte Cushman

    Charlotte Brittain

    Charlotte Burke

    Charlotte Coleman

    Charlotte Cornwell

    Charlotte Gaskell

    Charlotte Kemp

    Charlotte Casiraghi

    Charlotte Connoley

    Charlotte Dodds

    Charlotte Martin

    Charlotte Austin

    Charlotte Bronte

    Charlotte Bradley

    Charlotte Stewart

    Charlotte Arnold

    Charlotte Engelhardt

    Charlotte Skeoch

    Charlotte Hudson

    Charlotte Kady

    Charlotte Maier

    Charlotte Macmillan

    Charlotte Devane

    Charlotte Peterson

    Charlotte Hall

    Charlotte Holt

    Charlotte Wynters

    Charlotte Colavin

    Charlotte Sullivan

    Charlotte Salt

    Charlotte Asprey

    Charlotte Graham

    Charlotte Carpenter

    Charlotte Alexandra

    Charlotte Ander

    Charlotte Avery

    Charlotte Booker

    Charlotte Brandstrom

    Charlotte Chatton

    Charlotte Comer

    Charlotte Crossley

    Charlotte Curley

    Charlotte d'Amboise

    Charlotte Emmerson

    Charlotte Henry

    Charlotte Holland

    Charlotte Howard

    Charlotte Lawrence

    Charlotte Lucas

    Charlotte Merriam

    Charlotte Mitchell

    Charlotte Moore

    Charlotte Newhouse

    Charlotte Palmer

    Charlotte Roche

    Charlotte Rouse

    Charlotte Susa

    Charlotte de Turckheim

    Charlotte Valandrey

    Charlotte von Mahlsdorf

    Charlotte Woollams

    Charlotte Zwerin

    Charlotte Roach

    Charlotte Knowles

    Charlotte Francis

    Charlotte Uhlenbroek

    Charlotte Jorgensen

    Charlotte Winner

    Charlotte Stokely

    Charlotte Stokely

    Charlotte Best

    Charlotte Beers

    Charlotte Children's Choir

    Charlotte Considine

    Charlotte Fletcher

    Charlotte Granville

    Charlotte Helmkamp

    Charlotte Lagarde

    hope i helped^.^

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think Charlotte Church is the most famous, I've also heard of Charlotte Rampling the actress, and there was the classic English author Charlotte Bronte. The old Hollywood film starred Charlotte Greenwood in it and I still remember her performance.

    Charlotte seems to be a popular name for babies atm so there will probably be a good deal more of them in the future.

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