Metropcs difference in service between two phones?

At my home I have hardly any service with any carrier. Although, metropcs isn't the best I still can send and recieve texts fairly quickly. I tend to have between one and 0 bars, but as I said texting is not a problem. My sister on the other hand is under the same plan, but doesn't receive texts and sending takes for ever. With her you never really know when the person she is texting will receive the text.

I have a samsung galaxy indulge: [...] 99172.html

She has a Samsung Freeform III:

So why do we have such drastic changes in service? Does my phone simply get better reception? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • 9 years ago

    Keep in mind that phones are different. True they came from the same factory and the same assbly line, but they are different cause obviously they dont share the same hareware. They have their own...

    now.... the 2 biggest factors to get signal is the phone and network. With the phone, its the internal radio. With the network, obviously its the cell tower... tower to radio... radio to tower... walla... you got signal... not many things hamper that signal. Such as wireless carriers, weather, house materials, OEM specs, hardware specs, software specs, etc....

    So .... now the issue..... you can text and and cant... you have 0-1 bars and life is fine... she has 0-1 bars and life sucks.... ok... So... Again... this is a phone or network issue. ... lets troubleshoot the network first... thats always first!

    have her Turn off the phone... remove the battery... wait 3 minutes... insert battery... turn on... This is called a re-registration .It forces the tower to re-connect to your phone from a dead state...... texting work better now????

    If texting still sucks and still awesome for you, then its her phone.... she may have a faulty radio or hardware or software..... Do a master reset... she'll loose all info on her phone.... texting work now or her yet????

    if not... get a free warranty replacement from Metro

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