HP computer hdd error? Need help troubleshooting.?

Okay I have been troubleshooting a computer I received from my parents when it broke down. For the longest time I couldn't get to the bios, but after cycling the memory in and out. I found that two of them were not working and I could only boot to bios with the functional one. So I can get to bios and have been running the hp diagnostic tool. The memory and cpu are fine, but the hard drive always has error code BIOHD-2 (turn off system and check cables). So I have tried this hdd on several different sata ports on two separate sata cables. I also tried it with another hdd with two separate cables on different sata ports. All of these attempts lead to the same error code BIOHD-2. So I know my hdds aren't broken, so what could be the problem? Could it be issues with the motherboard? Any suggestions are appreciated!

Also I tried booting from a live cd and it wouldn't boot, I don't know why .

The computer is an hp:

Product: AY570AA-ABA

Model: a4316f

Software Build: A1NAv6PrA1




I have the boot order set as I would like. The board is simply not recognizing any sata ports. ANy suggestions?

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  • 9 years ago
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    When you boot from a CD , the BIOS needs to be set to boot from the CD\DVD.

    Enter BIOS. Go to Boot menu / boot sequence & set Disk drive as #1 in the list & the HD as #2.

    Press F10 to save settings ( or choose save settings)

    Put the disk in the drive & reboot. The disk should load.

    If you maintain having problems, you may want to check the CMOS/BIOS battery to see if it's good.

    Button battery about the size of a quarter on the motherboard.

    If you remove this , you will have to set time & date.

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