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I have a 1970 impala. And my gas gauge works sometimes and then it dont. So whats worng wit it?

It takes around 120 bucks to full up the tank. And when its about half a tank it stops there and then it goes up and down so i dont know whats wrong wit it. But i was thinking it could be the fuel sending unit. Do i need a new one?

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    this definately sounds like the sending unit as you describe the problem and being that old of a car it may never have been replaced so it is more than likely it is worn at that spot at the half way mark

    and not making a connection good enough to get a reading. remove the wire it connects to and ground it out while checking the gauge with the key on if you see it move while grounding and removal then it is in the sending unit. so removal of the tank is needed.

    Source(s): auto tech 30yrs.
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