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Samsung Galaxy S bluetooth driver? HUGE PROBLEM!?

I have a samsung galaxy indulge, but I hear the drivers are the same for the more popular galaxy S series. I am trying to pair (not transfer files... I know this works) my phone with my computer for use with an android app called vector IR. I don't think Samsung made any bluetooth drivers for windows 7 and frankly I think that is OUTRAGEOUS! Sorry for my anger, but I have spent the last 4 hours searching for a driver with no luck. If anyone has a work around for Samsung's lack of support for their phones please let me know. I really would love to have this bluetooth working. Thanks.


saungous. Sorry, but you are quite wrong. I do need a bluetooth driver for windows 7. The device does in fact need drivers for it to be paired and then used with vectir. And to the other guys I have a bluetooth dongle -_-. For anyone struggling to believe that I need a driver for my bluetooth peripheral device here is a pic:

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    I don't think you know how it works. Your computer should have it's own bluetooth device and it's corresponding driver. Your phone has it's own bluetooth radio and it's drivers are built into it's firmware. Your computer's bluetooth drivers and your phone's bluetooth drivers have nothing to do with each other. You don't need Samsung phone drivers for your computer. They use the same bluetooth standards and should therefore work just fine. Just double-click the bluetooth icon on the bottom right of your computer screen. A menu will come up and you should be able to configure your computer's bluetooth settings and pair devices in that menu.


    Wow...seems you are correct. This is a very odd problem. Do you have Kies installed (the useless Samsung phone management software)? Would you be able to live with connecting your phone via USB cable to your PC (which is faster anyway)?

    Devices shouldn't need bluetooth drivers for the device itself, but this does. Not sure why Samsung would do this. Bluetooth is a standard that uses a common language that all bluetooth devices can use to share info. So I'm right 99.999% of the time except for this time. Seems many other people have this problem as well. Check out this message board to see what other people have found about this issue. It seems they too are waiting for a proper Samsung driver. Some people have had some success, but it varies.

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    I just had the exact same problem as you and like you had to search for about an hour to figure out how to get the driver for my samsung galaxy s2 on my windows 7 pc. you need to download samsung kies for your pc from

    it did an update for my phone that took about 30m. Now my pc's bluetooth works like a charm with the phone. you will need to have the phone connected to your pc with the usb cable for the update. I don't know why they made it so hard to find out how to do this and I hope it helps you.

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    Your computer doesn't have Bluetooth from what your saying.

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