Cooling pad or cooling fan for Laptop.?

I play The Sims 3 games on my laptop & after about 5 minutes of game play my screen just goes black no audio or anything so I have to force a shut down. So I asked for a solution EA told me that since my laptop gets too hot that's why my game shuts down. They also me told I should get a cooling pad, but every cooling pad I see has fans. So what's the difference? I bought a cooling fan & it does keep my computer cool when I'm not playing but when I do play I get the black screen. So I need something effective. And another thing only one side of my laptop really gets hot but it doesn't have any vents underneath the hot area the vents are only on the side. And this didn't happen until after I installed Showtime & I was playing for a while before this happened.

I have every EP & SP installed except for Diesel SP, Sweet Treats SP & Supernatural EP. I have no installed custom content or mods. I used to have CC but I removed it all thinking that was the problem.

If there could be another issue instead if overheating what could it be?

And if you have any really good cooling pad/fan recommendations please leave a link if you can.


I have a Sony VAIO E Series Laptop.

Update 2:

Its over 2 years old.

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    7 years ago
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    Firstly how old is the laptop?

    Secondly take a look at Task Manager, do you see any processes that are making the computer sweat eg 100%, have you scanned for viruses?

    Also Try to clean out your fan, is it always spinning and making noise? try this:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Also try to reduce the graphics settings inside the game to let the laptop rest a little,

    What power plans are you using, if it is "high performance" drop it down to "balanced" you should still get enough performance for your game just less of the heat,

    On my Vaio I have a Sony fan management which I can set to performance mode, the laptop screams and a little hurricane comes out the side; however the temperature stays at 39 !

    Try these solutions,

    If not I would recommend a cooling fan, I have tried a cooling mat but they freeze your lap and only heat up after about 30 seconds, the fan provides a cool surface and correct ventilation, just invest in a Belkin one not a crappy eBay job.

    Try one of these :

    I am currently using one, not to loud, great air flow and the laptop sits on "a bed of air" which allows great cooling, it is also sponge on the back so you can use it on your lap!

    Good luck,


  • ill
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    3 years ago

    A cooling fan works good. I was once skeptical as to how so much of one other it would make at first, but it continues it cool adequate that i do not believe very a lot warmth on the laptop keyboard.

  • 7 years ago

    It could be a bug/Viruse(s). Sorry I don't know how to fix that if it is that.

    If its just the fan thing then maybe you should try using a regular fan and put it next to it and see if that helps. Good luck.

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