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Good Substrate For Java Moss?

I am planning on starting a Red Cherry Shrimp tank, and would like to use Java Moss in it due to the fact that it is a low light plant. I have never kept live plants before and was wondering what substrate I should use. Is normal aquarium gravel okay or does it need to be soil?


Is Java Fern the same with substrates? I will have some driftwood in there to attach it.

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    plain gravel will be fine.

    java moss doesnt need any soil to begin with. Aquarist usually tied them to driftwoods or rocks.

    Or in some other cases, let them float in the current, making it look like a grennish cloud to the tank inhabitants.

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    My moss grew in less than 4 months. The moss grew until it covered the entire substrate and two large pieces of driftwood with a dense carpet with a minimum thickness of 3 inches! The tank looked beautiful, and I gave away a lot of moss to family and friends in those four months. Before the year was up, I had to remove the driftwood (which I had not seen for a couple of months anyhow) just to keep some open swimming space in the tank. The tank was 40cm deep and lit with 65W of fluorescent light, 40W of which came from a "daylight" bulb. It was filtered with a piddly penguin bio-wheel 110, and I was shamefully negligent in my water changes. I added no fertilizer besides any fish food missed by the fish and snails. Enjoy the plant, but be prepared to do a lot of pruning.

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    java fern will be quite okay. Just put the java fern in to the gravel, rest will done by java fern, And make sure the water temperature is correct


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    java moss is better if you have low light. I've never had luck with java fern in low light. But you could try it.

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